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Best light bulbs for home and work

Best light bulbs for home and work are the ones which light your home or workplace according to your mood and personality. There are many choices for light bulbs out there, and some may say that it’s not a very mind-boggling decision to make while choosing a light bulb. Which is true in many cases but you have to remember that when you pick a light bulb for your home or work environment, you will be stuck with it for years.

Now considering that, everyone should understand that the light we choose to have in our room, home or workplace has a drastic effect on our mood. Have you ever felt very dull while working at a particular place?

Well, that’s because the environment in someplace does not suit our personality and therefore results in bad mood and bad work performance. So, It doesn’t matter whether you want a light bulb for your home or work. It has to have some key features which make it a better choice than another light bulb. These features include;

First of all, durability, because who wants to change their light bulbs every weekend or even every month. It is better to make a choice that is long lasting, and hopefully, you won’t have to worry about changing your lights for years.

Second is the color tone and brightness. These two aspects of a light can be very crucial while choosing a light bulb as everyone needs a light source for different environment and needs. So it’s best to analyze the situation or rather the place where you want to put that light bulb and consider what amount of time will it keep lit. Knowing this you can choose the proper HUE and light color to lighten the place up.

The third is the obvious money or cost of the light. Although you want to bet spot on with the upper two point but cost matters too. Everyone wants the cheaper and more durable light sources or light bulbs. But as grown-ups know that the words cheaper and durable don’t really go hand in hand in many aspects of life. Same goes for light bulbs. You want to choose a light bulb which fits your needs and is still cheaper than most of the options out there while keeping up with the durability factor.

There are four major kinds of light bulbs to choose from.

  1. Halogen
  2. LED
  3. Fluorescent
  4. CFL

Best light bulbs for home - 2018 - LED - Flourescent - CFL - Halogen
All these different types of light bulbs have different applications and fit different needs of the user. Some are more energy efficient, some are brighter and some allow plants to grow. So that is why you need to know more about your situation for what you need a light bulb. Whether you want best LED light bulbs for home, or best LED flood light bulbs or best light bulbs for your eyes in which you can read easily.

Best light bulbs for home and work

For home applications, the choice should be made more room specific like best light bulbs for bathroom, best light bulbs for garage, best light bulbs for kitchen, etc. Every room has a particular aura that you should feel while entering that room and can spend many hours in the same light within that room.

CFL bulbs are considered the most energy efficient bulbs. They usually pop up on the internet when asked for which are the best energy saving bulbs.

So, If you already have an idea of which bulb to choose and just want to see the best possible options in all categories than read along. If you have no idea what bulb goes in what room, don’t panic. Just choose from the best LED  light bulbs for home below.
It will be better if you search the internet for what particular reason you want a light bulb and which particular bulb fits that need.

After that, you can pick from these awesome/ Best light bulbs for home and work below.

CFL light bulbs are more energy efficient

CFL is a popular choice in most households and are sometimes considered Best light bulbs for home and work because of the durability of CFL light bulbs. They are long lasting and after installing them you may not need to worry about them for years to come. And another cool factor about them is that they are also very energy efficient. Meaning you get durability and power efficiency by choosing the CFL Light Bulbs. They are better than LED light bulbs in this sense whereas the light from LED bulbs has a better hue.


LED light bulbs have a better hue and color (soothing light)

LED light bulbs are relatively a newer trend. And most people who try out LED light Bulbs don’t go back to Fluorescent or CFL because of better color and dynamic range. Of course, you don’t have to be an expert to point it out. But generally, if you choose the same color and brightness and wattage for both an LED light bulb and a CFL light bulb, you will just feel more relaxed in LED light. Newer LEDs can be programmable meaning you can change their colors when you like which is amazing. You can also control some newer Smart LEDs from your phone. Which is just mindblowing.



Best lights to grow plants in

Fluorescent light bulbs are the best to grow plant. If you are choosing a bulb to grow your plant in the situation varies in every plant. Because every plant needs a particular amount UV light and a particular color zone. If you have a proper idea of what kind light bulb you want with specific brand name and specifications then just use the search below. Otherwise, you can pick from one of the options below if you are beginner in plant grow from light bulb and don’t really have much knowledge. These below light sources are best to get your plant growth started.



Halogen Light Bulbs

The halogen light bulbs are mostly used in Lamps in our homes. They provide a rich contrast light with a bright ambiance. The Quality of light from Halogen light Bulbs is very very crisp and high. They provide more of a heated light. Actually, the heat to light ratio in halogen bulbs is 80% heat and 20% light. Which does not make them ideal for most everyday usage scenario. They actually look rather amazing in kitchens (lights hanging from ceiling), in lamps for reading, and in bathrooms for an amazing look at yourself in the mirror.




These four types of bulbs are what people pick as the best light bulbs for home and work.
And they are widely used in almost every single houshold out there today.

The Best light bulbs for home and work are actually different for every person.
As some prefer more brightness than others, and some prefer more of a soothing color tone in their everydaylife.
So, to pick a single kind of light source from all four of these is impossible and really just a matter of personal preferance.

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