3 Main kinds of Apple Watch Bands and Things To Consider Before Buying

With the development of technology, everyone’s lives have come in contact with numerous electronic gadgets. Electronic devices such as laptops, smart watches, and phones are used by almost everyone nowadays. Smartwatches have gained a lot of popularity after the considerable amount of benefits it provides to the users. 

Apple is one of the leading brands offering smartwatches with many advantages. These smartwatches can track many health-related goals once connected to the user’s iPhone. Smartwatch bands are also significant; luckily, Apple offers a range of smartwatch bands in different designs and colors. 

In total, there are six varieties of Apple watch bands. One can choose their perfect Apple watch ceramic band depending on their tech styling. These ceramic bands come as Apple smartwatch straps and are not only stylish but also highly durable. 

Below are the features of three major Apple watch bands one should know about before purchasing.

The Sport Band

The Sport band consists of the fluoroelastomer material and is available in black, white, pink, blue, or green colors. These straps consist of a small metal peg that usually comes in silver. Although, black bands are available with silver or space gray pegs. These Sport Band versions are generally in 38-mm and 42-mm dimensions and cost $49 each.

The Sport bands have one exception: the Edition models are available with black or white colors and color-matched gold pegs. However, these smartwatch straps aren’t available separately. The Apple watch ceramic band comes under the sport band edition and is an ideal choice for smartwatch users.

The Leather Loop

The leather loop band is one of the most popular bands, which consists of a unique fold-over clasp system. This class system also consists of magnets embedded in the links. It is made of leather and has a metal ring around the slot. 

These leather loop straps are available in medium or large measurements with different colors such as stone, light brown, black, or bright blue leather. However, for 38 mm cases, the leather loop straps are not available. 

The Classic Buckle 

The Classic Buckle comes in a black leather material with hardware made of stainless steel. These straps are available for both 38-mm and 42-mm cases. The Edition watches are also available with color-match classic buckles, which unfortunately aren’t available separately.  

Things To Consider Before Buying Apple Watch Bands:

  • The Edition models of sports bands with gold hardware cannot be bought separately.
  • The Edition models of classic buckle consisting of gold hardware come in exclusive midnight blue color and can’t be purchased separately.
  • All apple bands can fit all Apple watches with the same case size.
  • They are not available individually, and a few only have a single size availability.
  • The leather loop smartwatch bands are only compatible with cases measuring 42-mm
  • Apple has curated a helpful guide for users to know more about brand sizing. 


Apple smartwatch bands are available in many types depending on the material used. However, while purchasing Apple watch bands, one should go through Apple’s guide and consider some of the things mentioned beforehand.

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