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The alternatives to conventional Delta 9 THC and CBD repeatedly emerge as the race for new cannabinoids accelerates. HCC is the most recent addition to the list. The world has witnessed a long-drawn race between manufacturers to discover new cannabinoids and invent new formulas to diversify the market further. HHC is one of the most talked about cannabinoids in the market. Nonetheless, we know very little about HHC. Let’s take a closer look at HHC and its advantages.

What is HHC, and how is it made?

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In the same decade, Roger Adams, a chemist who discovered and isolated cannabinoids (CBD), also discovered and isolated hexahydro cannabinol (HHC). HHC is ahexahydro cannabinol derivative that has been hydrogenated (THC). This is very similar to how vegetable oil is converted to margarine through a process known as hydrogenation. HHC is found naturally in hemp but in very concentrated amounts. An advanced process is used to saturate the THC with hydrogen atoms in the presence of high pressure and a catalyst such as a podium or nickel to obtain a usable amount.

This, in the end, results in the breakdown of the THC double bond chemical structure, which is replaced with hydrogen while retaining the potency and effects of cannabinoids. Scientists have discovered ten isomers of this hydrogenated form of THC. This minor modification to THC increases its affinity for cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 and TRP pain receptors. Furthermore, the hydrogenation of THC strengthens its molecular structure and decreases its susceptibility to oxidation and degradation of its source cannabinoids. 

THC loses hydrogen atoms during oxidation, resulting in the formation of two new double bonds. As a result, cannabinol (CBN) is formed, which has only 10% of the psychoactive strength of THC. However, when exposed to environmental factors such as heat, light, and air, HHC does not lose potency as quickly as THC. So, if you’re a post-apocalyptic prepper, you might save some of that HHC to get you elevated during difficult times.

What is HHC made up of?

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HHC is labeled as both a natural and semi-synthetic cannabinoid, depending on how it is extracted and where it is obtained. Alternatively, you can buy hhc distillate from here.  As previously stated, HHC occurs naturally in cannabis but in tiny amounts. When THC oxidizes into CBN over time, tiny concentrations of HHC appear alongside delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC.

However, because the natural concentration of HHC in cannabis is so low, producers frequently cannot make products from it. As a result, THC is hydrogenated. Converting THC to HHC hydrogenation is a simple process. THC is chemically saturated with hydrogen atoms before being exposed to a nickel or zinc catalyst and converted to HHC. Because of this process, HHC is more stable than THC, with greater heat and UV resistance. Because hydrogenation involves using a chemical to alter THC’s natural molecular weight and geometry, HHC is now classified as semi-synthetic.

Quantity of HHC taken for best results

The optimal dose of a psychoactive drug is determined by various factors, including the person’s tolerance level, weight, age, metabolism, and, in some cases, gender. To be specific, if you have never used HHC, you must know the level of your tolerance threshold. However, if we use a rule of thumb, the optimal amount should be between the relaxing high of delta 8 THC and the more psychedelic delta 9 THC. The best way to determine how much HHC you require is, to begin with, small amounts, and you can slowly and gradually increase the amount until your body responds positively.

According to Delta 8 THC dosing measurements, a small dose should be 10-20 mg per serving, a medium dose should be 20-50 mg per serving, and a hefty dose should be 50-100mg per serving. If you’ve never smoked or vaped high-THC cannabis (marijuana), start by adding 5 mg to the low and high end of the delta 8 dosages.

If you have prior experience with one of the options listed above, starting with a similar or slightly higher dose can be an excellent start. However, knowing your tolerance level will aid in determining the best dosage for you. Last but not least, remember that you can always start with micro doses, which means taking tiny amounts ranging from 1-2 mg to stay on the edge of experiencing the psychoactive effects while maintaining a consistent cognitive effect.

Benefits of HHC?

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The benefits of HHC are little known, and many are researching the same topic. But many pre-clinical studies have shown that it may help pain-relieving and have anti-cancer properties. The benefits of THC and HHC are very similar, but to name a few benefits of HHC are as follows

  • It helps in chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting. 
  • It helps in reducing chronic pains
  • Managing anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
  • HHC also helps with appetite stimulation and Inflammation.

Does HHC will get you high?

Yes, HHC causes intoxication, though not to the same extent as delta-9 THC found in marijuana. Those who have tried HHC say it is very similar to THC. Some side effects are euphoria, altered auditory and visual perception, and cognitive changes. In terms of relaxation, expect effects similar to delta-8-THC. However, some users report feeling more energized and believing their minds are sharper. 

Is HHC stronger than Delta-9-THC?

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Due to a lack of research, it is difficult to determine the precise potency of HHC. Many HHC product manufacturers admit that there is somewhat lack of constancy. Plus, the ratio of inactive to active HHC molecules can differ from batch to batch. While these companies strive to increase the number of active compounds in a product, they do not have complete control. 

HHC appears stronger than delta-8 but not as potent as delta-9 based on its chemical structure. Various estimates suggest that hexahydrocannabinol is up to 80% as intoxicating as D9. Generally, any THC form with four or more carbons in its side chain is intoxicating. Delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 THC, for example, all have five carbons, as does HHC. In addition, the most potent form of THC, THCP, has seven carbons.


Now that you have all the facts about HHC, you can decide whether you want to try this new addition to CBD hemp’s direct line of cannabinoids. Furthermore, before purchasing HHC, you should carefully consider the amount you want to take. This article is a comprehensive guide that will assist you in making an informed decision.

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