The Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Tips Right From the Book of Professionals

People start thinking about cleaning their carpets as soon as the summer starts. The reason for that is summer is considered ideal for cleaning the carpets. The heat of the sun not only helps to kill the germs in the fibers but dries them well too. So, if you own a carpet and that annoys you as you pass, this is the perfect time of the year to restore its former state. The carpets are the dust retainers and they keep doing it until you clean them up every once in a while. If you were unable to find a reliable carpet cleaning in Annapolis until now, then you can do it yourself as well by following the tips below.

Know your carpet

Before you start cleaning your carpet it is absolutely important to know a few facts about your carpet. There are two main kinds of materials that can be used to weave a carpet, one is natural fibers and the second is synthetic fibers. If you own a synthetic material carpet, then it’s good news for you because cleaning such a carpet is a lot easier as compared to natural material-based carpets. The reason for that is the synthetic materials don’t absorb spilling readily and it doesn’t reach the core of fibers and that’s why its color isn’t damaged that easily. Knowing more about your carpet helps you selecting an optimal washing technique. 

Get rid of the dirt

Now that you know your carpet it is time to take the first step towards cleaning. Ideally, you should get rid of the dust on the carpet. The best way to do it is to use the vacuum cleaner because it can pull out the dust from deep in the fibers. In case your carpet is supper dirty you might have to go a couple of rounds to remove all of the dirt. The dirt causes problems during cleaning because as soon it comes in contact with water it becomes sticky and removing it becomes almost impossible. However, removing it at the initial stage optimizes the cleaning process and it takes less effort to clean as well.  

Choose the right cleaning agent

The selection of the cleaning agent for the carpet is an important matter because if an unsuitable product is selected it can damage the colors as well. So, either consult an expert or read a guide online for the selection of an ultimate cleaning agent. Your knowledge about the materials of carpet will come in handy because the cleaning agent is selected by look at the material of the carpet. Since natural material is difficult to clean the cleaning products used to clean such a carpet are relatively stronger and there is a risk of damaging synthetic carpets with it. 

Hang it to wash

If you have applied every technique up until now to clean your carpet but it still didn’t improve the state of the carpet, then it is time you consider washing the carpet. The summer is simply perfect for carpet wash. Just find an open area that has a hanging place for the carpet and wash it over a weekend. The carpet can be hanged with the rope tied between two trees as well. It is an effective way of washing because it removes the dirt content completely due to the natural flow of water. 

Dry it well

Sunny days are just perfect for carpet washing and when you start noticing the dirt is gone from the rinsing water, then it is time to dry the carpet. If you just leave it in the hanging position for some time it would drain out all of the water and use the natural heat to dry it. Make sure the carpet is fully dried before taking it down because if the moisture is still present it can create an unpleasant smell. It might take a day or two but when it is ready you’d see that the freshness of your carpet is returned.  

Consider hiring experts

When everything else fails and you don’t get the desired results it is time to bring big guns in the cleaning game. That’s right it is time to hire the experts for effective cleaning. The advantage of hiring experts is that they are experienced and have perfected their cleaning skills over years. They know the best recipe for carpet cleaning and they can do it a lot faster. The final result would be a lot better than your efforts. So, hire the best carpet cleaning service in town today. 

Carpet cleaning isn’t rocket science and anyone can do it quite easily, but you must know a few facts about washing. You can follow an online guide to learn a few cleaning tricks that would help you clean it effectively. The dark colors are easy to clean and you’d need to do a lot more effort for the light colors. 

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