Surrogacy Cost Cyprus and the Role of an Agency in the Surrogacy Process

The right to health, including reproductive health, is an integral part of human rights in general. Despite the fact that each country has its own specific features of the legal provision of reproductive health care, this problem is not national. In this regard, international action programs have been developed for governments of all countries, non-governmental, and governmental organizations in the field of health promotion, including reproductive health. Surrogacy is one of such programs.

According to the WCOB, surrogacy in Cyprus is permitted at the official level. In a country where one in five couples is childless due to infertility, the successful use of assisted reproductive technologies may be one of the most promising ways to overcome the demographic crisis. 

This article will examine the price of surrogacy in Cyprus and define the role of the agency in the surrogacy process. If you are interested in this information, read the text to the end.

Surrogacy Cost in Cyprus: How Much Traditional & Same Sex Couples Pay?

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The surrogacy price does not depend on certain categories of citizens. For both traditional (mom and dad who are married) and lgbt couples (lesbian, gay men, etc.), surrogacy prices range from $ 65,000 to $ 75,000. This cost includes some legal fees, IVF treatment, as well as a certain compensation for the surrogate mother and egg donor.

Why Is It Worth Contacting a Specialized Agency for Services?

In addition to a health care facility, an intermediary is often involved in the relationship between assisted reproductive technologies. An agreement is signed with an intermediary to provide a number of services to potential parents. Thus, there is a division of functions between the various participants in ART procedure, in particular: the health care institution provides medical services for mom and newborn baby; the intermediary provides organizational and consulting services; a lawyer provides legal services.

World Center of Baby is one of the best, most reliable, and popular agencies. The company’s specialists can provide quality services to customers, including:

  • Consultations on surrogacy programs and the provision of educational information on ART;
  • Consultations on organizational issues;
  • Medical consultations during pregnancy;
  • Legal advice;
  • Carry out the selection of a surrogate mother Cyprus using its own database;
  • Assist in the selection of the clinic of reproductive medicine;
  • Organize meetings with a surrogate woman;
  • Carry out the selection of genetic donors of reproductive material;
  • Do coordination of participants of auxiliary reproductive technologies;
  • Provide psychological support to participants in the ART program;
  • Supervise and control surrogate moms who are carrying a child for other people;
  • Carry out preparation and conclusion of agreements with participants of ART;
  • Assist in obtaining the necessary medical and legal documents;
  • Represent the interests of clients in court and more.

In addition, the World Center of Baby plays an important role in the negotiations between the various parties of the contract. It is also involved in monitoring the medical and dietary regimens of the surrogate mother, the mode of work, etc. So, by contacting the World Center of Baby, you will get really perfect services!

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