5 Tips on Choosing an Oil Painting for Your Office

Imagine this: What do you want your clients to perceive as they walk into your office? An office space with wall art that conveys volumes about your brand, work culture, or just another corporation with naked white-washed walls! 

A spruced up office walls not only adds to your brand character but also leave a lasting impression on your clients. Besides, paintings adorning your office walls are also a great way to create a refreshing office environment and in turn offering enough motivation for your employees.

However, choosing the right oil painting for your office is different from choosing artwork for your living room or bedroom. So, before you head out to find the right oil painting to adorn your office wall, we have rounded up 5 outshining tips for you to make it easier.

How to Choose an Oil Painting for Your Office Space

Consider the Space to Fit the Size

Before you jump the gun and get swooned away by some mind-bending pieces, the first and foremost thing to consider is the space for display. Figure out the areas, you are looking to add artworks and then measure the wall area. 

This would only help your artworks to stand out and not get too lost or look crowded on the display wall. Also, don’t limit yourself with the number of art pieces your office space might need to amp up. Argenteuil by the famous Claude Oscar Monet is one of the paintings with the perfect size to adorn your office walls.

Change Moods with Warm Colors

Bright and warm colors not only just light up any space, affect the mood, but also add an oomph factor to space they are set in. So, when the Monday blues and the mid-week crisis hit your employees, they can just look around and feel the energy. 

Sometimes, all you just need is some warm hues like orange, yellow, and green to radiate positivity and boost creativity in the otherwise mundane work routine. 

Bonus Tip: Add some floral or some abstract art on the walls to maximize the effect. ‘Irises in Monet’s Garden’ is yet another painting by Claude Oscar Monet is a perfect pick if you are looking for a warm, floral masterpiece.

Motivate and Encourage Creative Thinking

Meeting rooms are probably one of the most important rooms in your office space from discussing next quarter’s sales targets to brainstorming for a client pitch. Thus, a standout artwork for your meeting rooms would not only elevate the look of the place but also inspire creative thinking. ‘2Fast2Furious’ is an artwork that is surely going to catch eyes with its vibrant and creative look. 

Besides, if the artwork matches your brand colors, it would successfully help communicate your values to all your clients, including the potential ones. Most importantly, try to include your employees in the discussion and then come to a collective conclusion on the art pieces. This is because a masterpiece to you may not be the same for someone in your office. And at the end of the day, everyone should feel refreshed and motivated to work after having a look at the painting. 

Figure out the Style

What would you want your office space to look like – contemporary, minimalistic, or a combination? Although not every decor in your office needs to match, there should be coherence among all the art pieces that you choose. You can pick an artistic era and have all the paintings from that particular period. For instance, if ‘Renaissance’ is the theme, a painting of the famous ‘Mona Lisa’ ought to adore your office walls. 

Besides, a lot is dependent on your brand, so if it requires you to be quirky, make sure to bring out the quirkiness with the art pieces. And, if it’s more of a corporate setting, don’t forget to get hold of art pieces that help you add a little cheerfulness to the formal environment. Just don’t forget to have fun and enjoy every moment of designing your office space!

Don’t Jump the Gun

Don’t rush yourself into buying any art piece; let yourself truly fall in love with it, before purchasing. Because when you are going to spend more than 40 hours of your week restricted to one space, you wouldn’t want to regret the purchase. So, it’s worthwhile to take some time to arrive at a decision. You should purchase a painting that can last generation like ‘The Four Philosophers’ which belongs to the 16th-17th century, European Art. 

Additionally, you would want to buy quality artwork pieces that resonate with your brand values, so take it easy. After all, artworks are lifetime investments both in terms of happiness and wallet. However, once you have set your eyes on an artwork, don’t hesitate to make the artwork yours as genuine artworks don’t stay out long in the market. Also, don’t forget to check on the quality of the artwork before you buy it. You can look here for tips on how to check if the oil painting is genuine or not.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s a small space or a huge communal office space, choosing the right oil painting can get tricky. Thus, if you are only responsible to decorate your office space, you wouldn’t have to pick your brain. But if you are in charge of the whole space, then choose a work that satisfies everyone. 

Moreover, don’t forget that you can always reshuffle the artworks around to bring a refreshing change, anytime. And, if you also wish to get original reproductions of beautiful oil painting masterpieces for your office, get it at 1st-art-gallery.com.

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