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How to Use Heat Shrink Electrical Connectors

Heat shrink wire connectors are very tough and have different uses, from automotive electronics to marine applications. They come in various shapes, types, and sizes; there are bullet, spade, butt splice connectors, waterproof and usual, self-solder, etc. But one thing unites all of those – a reliable shop where you can buy a terminal set of any grade and a high-quality crimping tool.

WirefyShop offers heat shrink electrical wire connectors of all kinds for you to solder and seal any wire in the most efficient way, which is using the heat shrink technology.

But how to use heat shrink connectors? This topic we will highlight below.

Using Heat Shrink Connectors in 5 Steps

The first thing to do is to measure the wire’s diameter and get an electrical connector with a tube sufficient in size. The connector should be just fine for effortlessly sliding onto the wire. Don’t worry about the connection; once the sleeve is shrunk, the terminal will wrap around very well. The gauge has to be on the connector for you to know it’s the right one.

It’s great if you have a kit with all sizes available because you never know which application will need fixing later on. As a result, the diameter of the shrunken terminal will be a little smaller than the wire’s; that’s how it provides a snug fit.

The shrinking ratio determines how tight the final result will be. There are 2:1 connectors, for example, they shrink from 2 mm to 1 mm.

That was the first step, now let’s get to the business:

  1. Measure the sleeve length of the electrical connector and make sure it’s longer than the stripped part of the wire you’ll be connecting. It’s important that the covers go one on top of another. This will provide sufficient insulation and a great connection as a result. Keep in mind that when the heat is applied, the terminal sleeve length will also shrink about 5% to 15%. So, consider choosing some extra length.
  2. Take a pair of scissors and cut the sleeve to the needed length. It’s recommended to make measurements several times and cut directly according to them. It’s better to have a little bit extra insulation than not having enough. In case you make a mistake, there’s always a piece of insulation tape that will come to the rescue. But it’s safer if the job is done smoothly. If you need connectors or a tool to crimp them, shop with WirefyShop. There, you will find everything necessary for a safe and strong connection.
  3. Slide the sleeve onto the exposed part of the wire until metal meets metal.
  4. Take a heat gun and secure the connection. Move it throughout the whole length of the connector’s sleeve to make sure all the parts are shrunk. Don’t keep the heat in one place.

And that’s it!

Here are some good places to buy heat shrink electrical connectors: WirefyShop, Home Depot, Lowes, NTE Electronics, etc. 

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