Drake Scorpion Review and Everything We Were Waiting To Know!!

Drake’s first solo album “Scorpion” is out and so are his secrets. All that you’ve needed to know about Drake’s life including his claimed mystery child has been revealed. Drake has presented himself as an open book on his most recent album, Scorpion. Let’s begin Drake Scorpion review and everything that he has disclosed with the album.

Drake Scorpion Review; Secrets Unveiled

From turning into a father to not replying Pusha-T to a potential flirting with Bella Hadid, here’s beginning and end Drake uncovers on Scorpion.

Drake’s secret child is no more a secret!!

Pusha-T wasn’t lying when he said Drake is hiding his child! On his burning Drake confession, “The Story of Adidon,” Push announced that Drake had been concealing a kid. On Scorpion, Drake affirms the claim, with a rectification, he raps on “Emotionless.” He likewise invalidates Push’s claim that he’s a killjoy father, saying somewhere else on “8 Out of 10”. Now if you think, so why all the mystery? Indeed, to hear Drake let it know, he simply needed some security.
In any case, as we later learn on collection closer “March 14,” in what is basically a melody addressed his child, he basically kept things quiet in light of the fact that the association with the mother of his kid, purportedly previous porno star Sophie Brussaux is a bit complicated. All through the song, he implies a care fight (as he did on the last single “I’m Upset“), uncovering that he just met the lady twice, his child was conceived on October 11, however, he has just observed the tyke once since his introduction to the world. He guarantees he and the lady are parenting their child together. He additionally concedes that some dear companions knew about the kid’s presence, yet that even his dad hasn’t met him yet.

Why didn’t Drake Responded Pusha T?

The story goes that Drake never struck back against Pusha-T again in light of the fact that both Kanye West and Drake’s coach, J. Ruler, advised the two rappers to remain down. Sovereign, particularly, has said that Drake’s reaction, evidently officially recorded, would’ve been as well “overpowering” and harming to Kanye’s family. On collection opener “Survival,” Drake pairs down on why he’s kept mum, saying he didn’t need this rap beef to turn fatal.

Drake Crushing On Bella Hadid

There were gossipy tidbits toward the end of 2017 that Drake may have broken brother code with the Weeknd and had a thing with Bella Hadid that finished with him ghosting her. None of this was ever affirmed, obviously, yet Drake is his very own TMZ. On “Sandra’s Rose,” he raps about Bella Hadid’s father. Then on, “Finesse,” he gave a little more hinting that she is a supermodel and he wants his baby to have her pretty eyes. But just in case wasn’t clear whom he’s talking about her and her hot sister Gigi Hadid. And this pretty much made it all clear that he has a thing for Bella for sure. Well played, Drake.

What is more,

  1. On “Survival”, Drake accepted that Diddy literally punched him at Art Basel.
  2. He also revealed that he still has some grudges hold against Kanye in his song “8 out of 10”.
  3. In his song “Sandra’s Rose”, he is far better than Adele and then in his song “Blue Tints”  he claimed that he’s the number 1 on all charts that makes him the best of all.
  4. Jay Z and Drake are good again as one of Drake’s song “Talk Up” is featuring Jay Z.
  5. Lastly, in his song “Is There More”, he also confirms that he is an independent artist now as his Yong Money affiliate is up.

This is all we have got to know about Drake’s Scorpion and this is pretty a lot. Also, don’t miss on getting your hands dirty with this all new and cool album “Scorpion”. It’s beautiful, amazing, and the real meaning of “Spectacular”.

Stay in touch, we will be adding all the song’s lyrics and videos very soon.

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