How to integrate Adsense on your websites / youtube channel

If you want to make money online, you need to know How to integrate Adsense on your sites Or YouTube channel. If you are new to the earning side of the internet, you might probably have already heard about Adsense and how different bloggers, websites and YouTube channel use it on their content to generate the cash.

Typically there is more than one way to earn online money from your content, doesn’t matter blog, youtube or whatever. There is affiliate marketing, there are sponsors who pay you to shout out there products or services, And there is of course Adsense by Google.

If you have a google account (which is very easy to sign up for) you can get an Adsense account almost instantly. Just google ‘adsense’ and follow the first link.
However, successfully implementing Adsense on your site is whole other story. Below are the steps and conditions you need to follow in order to do just that.

Setting up Adsense to make money online

First of all, you need a website or your YouTube channel.
You can easily buy a domain and hosting from some big companies like GoDaddy or BlueHost. Keep in mind that you need both hosting and domain.
We prefer GoDaddy as its simpler, but while buying make sure you buy hosting for it only for the time period you need like one year in most cases, Then you can always auto-renew.


The second thing is setting up your site or channel. If you want to set up a YouTube channel the process is fairly simple as you just need to go to YouTube, login to your account and then go to settings, create a channel. That is it.
Setting up a website is somewhat different, as most of the common people are not web developers so they stick with WordPress. WordPress is simple and one of the most commonly used blogging platforms out there. You can pick themes and add required plugins. You can find hundreds of videos online for any theme or plugin you use.


The third is getting the quality content for your site/channel. This is the real tricky part as most people fail here and this part is essential to make money online. In all honesty, making money online is hard and time consuming like any other job. But if you are willing to put in the effort then the rewards are amazing. For quality content, you need to make sure that you are not copying others and your content is unique and reading or viewing worthy. In blogging, if you just simply copy paste other people’s content then you won’t make any money. On the contrary, google will mark your website as spam and won’t even make it appear on searches online.
So you need quality content and a lot of it. 120 posts are the general term in WordPress. As many people claim this is how many posts were needed in order for their Adsense account to get approved.


Process of setting up Adsense on your site

1) Visit google.com in your web browser and search adsense

2) Open the first link and click on sign up.

Sign Up adsense , make money online . TrendMut

3) When you click on signup, you will be prompted to sign in using your google email id.
    Choose the google account you want to create adsense for.

make money online - TrendMut

4) After this, you need to fill out your personal information including your website address
(if you have a YouTube channel then this is your channel’s URL).
And click on create account.

make money online TrendMut

5) after this you will be asked for your street address and cell phone number for verification and you provide that, then you will give a code that you need to copy. (it will look like this)

copy code trendMut

6) now if you have a normal website or made one yourself then you need to paste this code inside the header or <head></head> section, on every single page you need Adsense on (or ads to appear on). If you have a WordPress website then go to appearance > editor > Header.php and paste the given code within the <head> </head> section.

wordpress adsense 2018 - TrendMut


7) after pasting it here go back to your Adsense account and click where it says I have pasted the code, confirm.  When you do this it usually takes about 1,2 days to verify your site and then you are allowed to put ads anywhere you like on your blog/ website.

8) On YouTube:-

On YouTube, you don’t need to copy any code. Just go to your channel and under status and features, find monetize and click on enable (you might have to provide your country info)

monetize you site -TrendMut

Then click on get started.

monetize you site -TrendMut

after this agreement to the terms and conditions

monetize you site -TrendMut

after which click on set up an Adsense account

monetize you site -TrendMut

After this, the adsense window should pop up, sign in your Adsense account and the rest is quite self-explanatory.

monetize you site -TrendMut



Final Words

Setting this Adsense accounts for youtube or your personal sites is easy,
but you have to be patient as Google might take a lot of time to accept your Adsense account request.
Just make sure to read Google’s Adsense policies and make sure you are not violating any of them
and you’ll be ready to make money online.

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