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Unbelievable Facts about using Himalayan Salt Lamps at Home

Himalayan salt lamps are popular among modern homeowners as an accessory that adds warmth and uniqueness in a home or office. The choice of the Himalayan salt lamp that one chooses to buy for their homes or office space is dependent on many factors such as their costs, the room space available and the purpose of obtaining them. Homeowners, however, work in consultation with interior designers to identify suitable strategic positions where the salt lamps can be comfortably placed. For instance, they can be set in the bathroom, patio, kitchen or even the living room. This is dependent on the needs by the homeowner to complement the interior of their living space. Contemporary hone owns have a wide variety of choices on Himalayan salt lamps. They come in different colors and shapes but can also be customized to suit the needs of the homeowners. There are many interesting facts about Himalayan salt lamps that every homeowner ought to know before they decide on investing in one or several of them. This article discusses some of the unbelievable facts about salt lamps of different types that may be useful to you as a homeowner.

Benefits of using Himalayan Salt Lamps at Home

Purifying the air in your home

The Himalayan salt lamps are usually sold as air purifiers for many homeowners. They decide on buying the Himalayan salt lamps due to their known benefits of purifying the air where they are installed. For instance, if they are installed in the bathroom, they purify the air within that space. The purification process entails the   Himalayan salt crystal producing negatively charged ions on its surface. The negatively charged ions then attract the positively charged dust and pollen particles in the environment. All particles that are positively charged in a room where the salt lamp is placed end up sticking on its surface. They can then be wiped off when the salt is being cleaned. Cleaning should be done with a dampened rug so that the dust and pollen particles attached to the surface can be easily wiped off. This is a fact about salt lamps that is known to many homeowners.

They dated back to 200 million years ago

Archeologists who have studied about the Himalayan crystal rocks that are located in Pakistan carried out tests on them and found out that they are dated back to 200 million years ago. Within this period, different crystal types have been formed within the rocks and they continue being mined every day. They come in different colors including black, white with the pink and orange being the most popular. However, the rarest of them being the pink salt lamps makes them expensive. They are a great inclusion in your home’s accessories since they introduce warms and elegance in the long run.

The natural glow helps to reduce stress and anxiety

Buying salt lamp and understanding the guideline to use salt lamps has been a remedy for many people who have anxiety and stress in their lives. The light that is produced from the Himalayan salt lamp is considered as having positive effects in alleviating the effects of stress and anxiety. If you are suffering from these two conditions, it would be necessary to get a Himalayan salt lamp from your closest dealer including fab glass and mirror. The type of the Himalayan salt lamp does not, however, affect the stress relieving effects. Any color and size are capable of helping you off your stress and anxiety gradually. However, this has not been scientifically proven.

They are the purest salt crystals

The location where the Himalayan rock salt mines are situated is not well developed. There is little civilization, and thus the level of pollution is low. This means that there is no possibility of the salt lamps being contaminated with impurities. Since they are mined at the bottom of the Himalayas Mountains, they are considered to be the purest salt crystals in the world. The Himalayas Mountains being the second largest salt mine in the world after the Ontario mine, they are the purest since Canada is more civilized and there is environmental pollution.

Bigger Himalayan salt lamps are more beneficial

Himalayan salt lamps are good purifiers of air. They produce negative ions that attract the positively charged dust and pollen particles from the air. The larger the surface area of the Himalaya salt lamp, the better is its ability to produce more negative ions and hence attract the positively charged dust particle in the long run. When buying a Himalayan salt lamp for your home or office, you need to consider the surface area that you need to be covered. If the area is large, then having a larger Himalayan salt lamp would be recommended. Identifying a large Himalayan salt lamp is easy as you only need to visit a reliable dealer such as the fab glass and mirror. Also, instead of buying one large Himalayan salt lamp, you may opt to buy several small-sized lamps which will also produce large amounts of negative ions which are useful for your health in the long run. However, for the larger size to be effective you need to have guideline to use salt lamps.

They are effective humidifiers

Himalayan salt lamps are good humidifiers of the air around where they are positioned. When the salt lamp is lit, there is a lot of heat that is produced. When the negative ions attract the dust particles from the air, they also attract water to their surfaces. When the bulb of the Himalayan salt crystal heats up, it results to the water trapped on its surface to evaporate back to the atmosphere. This cycle leads to the atmosphere remaining humid in the long run. Having moist air in your house has positive benefits for your health. If you are in need of ensuring that your room remains humid, you no longer need to use your electric humidifier which may be consuming a lot of energy in your home. Instead, installing Himalayan salt lamps in strategic positions in your home can be helpful.

Himalayan salt lamps remove odors from your house

Having bad odors in your house can be tormenting.  It is uncomfortable to stay in an environment that has bad odor. Washing surfaces that produce bad odor require strong detergents among other cleaning agents. However, the Himalayan salt lamps have come in handy in contemporary homes due to their ability to remove bad odors from different surfaces, If you have a problem removing odor from your bedroom, kitchen or living room, having a reasonably sized Himalayan salt lamp can be of great help to you. You can place them in suitable locations where they can effectively absorb the bad odors. It is recommended that if you have a serious problem with odors in your home, you could get the large-sized salt lamps. Fab glass and mirror provide you with guideline to use salt lamps.

They are useful for asthmatic patients

Asthma is mostly caused by pollen or dust particles getting into the nasal cavity. The allergic reaction causes difficulties in breathing making it uncomfortable for asthmatic patients.  With the Himalayan salt lamps, their hygroscopic nature makes them able to remove all the dust and pollen particles from the atmosphere. This way, individuals who have asthmatic conditions can stay comfortably without breathing problems. Ideally, it is recommended that asthmatic patients should always leave the Himalayan salt lamp night light on in their bedrooms or any other space that they use frequently. This is a health benefit that many Himalayan salt lamp users have attested to.

The Himalayan salt amps are never identical

The Himalayan salt lamps are never identical. You cannot get two or more slat lamps that have similar crystal structure. When buying the salt crystals from vendors, checking for the similarity is en of eh test of checking for their authenticity. If you find two similar Himalayan salt lamps within the same store, you can identify whether they are original or not. They are mined from the same rock of the Himalayan Mountains, and the only thing that is done to them is washing and drilling of a hole at the center to fix the lamp. Therefore, having similar shapes are considered to a sign of non-authentic crystals.

They improve the blood flow in the body

The concept of improving blood flow in the bodies of the lamp users is not scientifically proven. However, from testimonials of the users, the salt crystals have numerous health benefits including improved blood circulation. It is assumed that when an individual has stress or anxiety, the flow of blood in the body is interfered with. This means that if the salt crystal is present and relieves an individual of the stress and anxiety problems, then the blood flow would resume to normal. Continued use of the salt crystal may have way positive effects than just improving the blood circulation in your body.

Ultimately, there are many interesting facts about salt lamps that are known to people in the contemporary world. Fab glass and mirror offers different varieties of the Himalayan salt lamps at affordable prices. The authenticity of the products available at the store is guaranteed. For homeowners looking forward to buying a Himalayan salt lamp for their home, visiting fab glass and mirror would be helpful.

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