Happy Earth Day 2018 Y’All!!

Today, Earth Day 2018 is being celebrated worldwide. So, let’s begin with wishing you all a very happy Earth Day. Even Google is celebrating Earth Day with a doodle of Dr. Jane Goodall who has such beautifully explained the importance of Earth and why we should play our part in making our lives better on the planet.

Now, let’ talk about What is Earth Day, why we celebrate it, and all the other most Googled questions regarding Earth Day in this post. Continue reading!

What Is Earth Day And Why We Celebrate It

Earth Day is the day that is dedicated to celebrating the importance of the healthy environment, thus, the healthy Earth. This day, we talk about the ways to reduce the pollution and everything that is negatively affecting our planet. We celebrate Earth Day to educate people about the significance of environmental pollution and its hazards.

When Is Earth Day


Earth Day is being celebrated from 1970 every year on April 22nd globally. It marks the anniversary of modern environmental movement which was happened on 22nd April 1970 for the first time.

Earth Day 2018 Theme

Earth Day 2018 is being celebrated by 192 countries and almost 1 Billion people are participating in it globally. Every year Earth day has a different theme and this year, it is about raising the awareness of plastic pollution and how to end it.

Earth Day Network has decided to devote Earth Day 2018 to provide the information to motivate us to end the pollution caused by the use of plastic. Almost all of us use plastic every day in many different ways without actually realizing it. Like we could be drinking water out of plastic bottles or keeping our grocery items in a plastic bag or other plastic items like straws, plates, cups, and more. And this is not all, we have plastic used in our vehicles, paint, electronics, and many other things.

But what is the matter of importance is what happens to this plastic later? Is it being recycled or just getting dumped to increase the plastic pollution rate in the environment?

So, here is about what plastic is and how it works…

Plastic is made in a way that it won’t biodegrade on its own. According to a study, if thrown, plastic can last for up to 2000 years without biodegrading and it causes serious harm to the environment, and thus, our Earth. And that is the major reason why Earth Day Network has called plastic waste a global crisis. Valeria Merino, vice president of Global Earth Day, said,

“Plastic pollution is now an ever-present challenge. We can see plastics floating in our rivers, ocean, and lagoons, littering our landscapes and affecting our health and the future of billions of children and youth. We have all contributed to this problem – mostly unknowingly.”

A research was done by Jenna Jambeck, an environmental engineer, on plastic dumps, and it estimated that in 210, around 275M metric tons of plastic waste were generated in 192 countries, with 4.8 to 12.7 million metric tons entering the ocean, thus, increasing the water pollution exceedingly high.

And this doesn’t end here, research has been made on invisible plastics and according to it, 94% drinking water and 93% of bottled water are impaled with chemically-linked plastic particles, that are the reason to some very harmful diseases.

Realizing the hazards of plastic over the environment many countries have banned bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates and other chemicals from plastics in some products. Kathleen Rogers, Earth Day Network president, said,

“There is a growing tidal wave of interest in ending plastic pollution and some countries and governments are already in the vanguard. Earth Day Network believes we can turn that tidal wave into a permanent solution to plastics pollution.”

This is why, this year, Earth Global Network has decided to unite all the sensible people who are educated about the harm of plastic and wants to end it in a global network. Rodgers said,

“to build a world of educated consumers, voters, and activists of all ages who understand the environmental, climate and health consequences of using plastic.”


Take Part In Earth Day 2018

Now, this is how you can take part in Earth Day 2018, all you need to do is educate yourself and your friends, and family members, and acquaintances, about plastic pollution and its negative effects on the environment. As Earth Day Network cannot eliminate it all on its own. Merino said

“You may be lulled into thinking it is OK to consume disposable plastic products because you plan to recycle them, but many plastics can’t be efficiently recycled and will end up in the landfill or littering the planet, even in the most remote places. Also, some localities lack the most basic infrastructure to manage waste and to sort and recycle plastics. For this reason, it is much more important to focus on reducing your own level of plastic consumption.”

Here is what you can do, or you should do, to play your role in the betterment of our Earth.

  1. Ask yourself do I really need to buy a plastic item. Or is there any better replacement for it that I can use instead of consuming plastic.
  2. Dispose plastic items carefully and not in waterways, seas, oceans, beaches, or open spaces.
  3. Collect plastic trash from the roads and/or beaches, streams, and ponds, and dump them too.
  4. Buy natural exfoliates and try no not use body washes and facial scrubs and other products containing microbeads.
  5. Reduce the number of washes of synthetic clothes. In this way, you can reduce the number of microfibres releases from washing those clothes. Rather try to buy clothes made up of natural fibers.
  6. Try to get yourself involved in local legislation and regulation to decrease and recycle plastics.

We live on Earth and it is our home. So, it is our duty to keep it healthy, clean, and pollution-free. Take a step forward and be responsible enough to take part in keeping our home healthy and happy. Safer and healthier the Earth, safer our lives. Happy Earth Day 2018 again.

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