Expert Guide To Perspex Acrylic Cut To Size

Modern-day bathrooms and kitchen walls have a new component to turn to after the regular ceramic tiles, and that is the acrylic sheet. With innovation, companies like Sheet Plastics are creating and offering more resilient Perspex cut to size.

What is so Special about Perspex Sheet?

Perspex is a clear plastic or acrylic sheet with a diverse range of features. The name, ‘Perspex’ has come from the Polymethyl methacrylate. It is acrylic base and often given a higher position than the regular glass. In the modern day, where there is a requirement for something hardy and cost-effective too, clear acrylic sheets or Perspex sheets are in great demand. Top companies make the Perspex sheet today and even allow specifically customized sheets to suit the applications.

The Perspex cut to size from the reputed brands get customization to suit the business needs. It can get different shapes and sizes and can even be put in application across sectors. The diversity is far higher than Polycarbonate and PETG.

Difference between Perspex from Glass and Polycarbonate

Expert Guide To Perspex Acrylic Cut To Size

In comparison to the dimension, Perspex is stronger than the regular glass. It is resistant to damage too besides being clear. Another material in this league is the Polycarbonate. It is 20 times stronger and yet requires treatment just so that it lasts as long as a Perspex acrylic sheet cut to size.

Polycarbonate and Perspex acrylic are in use compared to other materials within the range. They have similar traits and hence, in great demand. Acrylic, as we know is UV resistant and this makes it the best option for outdoor use. However, in the case of glass, with time and exposure, the dullness will appear and cloud the glass. This is where the acrylic sheets are in higher preference today.

Applications of Perspex Cut to Size

Expert Guide To Perspex Acrylic Cut To Size

Thanks to the strong body and flexibility in sizing up, the Perspex acrylic is extensively in use today. It is used to create transparent roofing for greenhouses or for other buildings, including the airports. It is in use for creating modern aquariums and ice-hockey spectator barriers and on submarine vessels too.

What makes the Perspex cut to size so essential in modern cityscapes? It is easy to size up and use as a DIY material. It is possible to specify to the companies like Sheet Plastics to cut to the right size. There are ways to mention the right radial size just so that it is not too big or small. You can also pick the screw holes just to ensure that you can get to fit it right on the place.

The durability has been a great reason for the commercial property owners and builders to choose this over the glass. The roofing preference is because of its strength and versatility to get new shape or style. This makes them ideal for roofing, and not as fragile as glass.

We all are already aware of the acrylic panels that the homeowners and commercial property contractors are using for the bathroom or even reception lobby area walls.

These come in a wide range of colors too besides getting appropriate customization to suit different needs.

What is the Need for Acrylic Sheets Cut to Size?

Expert Guide To Perspex Acrylic Cut To Size

Acrylic sheets these days come in different colors and sizes. If you are shopping from Sheet Plastics, you can try their Quick Calculator. On selecting the material, color, and thickness of the sheet, and on entering the width and height dimensions in millimeter, you get the quote. This is a free quote to allow you to get a fair idea as to how much you can save in the process.

The need for a cut to size allows in the reduced wastage. The companies will themselves produce sheets that are of the size the customer asks for, just so that there is hardly any excess. It saves a lot of time and money for the customers too who do not have to spend extra for drilling holes in them.

Acrylic panels available these days come with double-sided tape. This allows for easy pasting and no tools whatsoever. They also save a lot of money for installation. The Perspex glass gets screw holes and other convenience. However, they might need the installers to fit them.


Companies like Sheet Plastics serve a host of designs and have a free calculator method too for the clients seeking customization. The Perspex cut to size has been the biggest flagship product for the company since it has just relieved the stress of cutting and installing. Getting the right size and right quality of Perspex sheets has just revolutionized the world of construction.

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