What are Boning Knives and How Do You Use Them?

Knowing how to use a boning knife before actually knowing what a boning knife is can be likened to putting the cart before the horse. There is a lot to know as regards the use of a boning knife. However, you must first know what a boning knife is.

What exactly is a Boning Knife?

From its name, the first assumption the average person will make is a boning knife is a knife that is used in getting the meat off bones. While this is true, there is more to a boning knife.

A boning knife is made up of a flexible, thin and curved blade. It is usually about 5-7 inches long and plays a major role in carrying out lots of cutting activities in the kitchen. In addition to being used in getting the meat off bones and skin off meat, a boning knife can also be used in carrying out regular cutting in the kitchen. 

Unlike other knives, when you make use of boning knives, it becomes possible to make very precise cuts due to the flexibility of boning knives.

 Although boning knives can do a lot, not everyone agrees to this. This, therefore, makes it important that you learn and master the techniques used in getting meat from bone and skin from meat when making use of a boning knife.

How is a Boning Knife Used?

Averagely, a boning knife has a lot of dexterity. Due to this dexterity, it can be used in getting the meat off bones in very difficult parts of a bone. Let’s walk through some of the ways you can use a boning knife.

Boning Knives are used in Taking Skin off Meat

If you are looking to separate the skin from the meat, a boning knife can be used to get this done It really does not matter what the meat is like. This is possible because of the flexible tip of the boning knife. 

So long the removal of skin is concerned, a boning knife is not limited to removing the skin from the meat. It can also be used in removing the skin from fish.

Boning Knives are used for cutting Cookies

Boning knives are not just for preparing cooked foods. They can also be used for cookies. When baking and are looking to cut cookies into shape in the absence of a cutter, you can make use of a boning knife. This is due to the fact that its tip functions like a jigsaw and can be used in cutting your cookies into very complicated shapes. In addition to being good enough to cut your cookies into whatever shape you want, it can also be used to create inner perforations while baking cookies

Boning Knives can be used in cutting the Core from Apples

Are you looking to extract the core of an apple but do not want to lose so many fruits? If yes, then, you can always use a boning knife to get this done. The flexible blade and thin tip of a boning knife make it possible to cut away the seeds of an apple in a near accurate way.

Boning Knives can help with Coring Cupcakes

 Coring cupcakes is another use of a boning knife that has nothing to do with skinning meat. If you want to create a cavity in a cupcake in which you can fill some extra sweeteners. This could be fruit preserves, mousse, or ganache, a boning knife can come in handy.

Boning Knives cane be used in Carving Cakes

There are cake carving kits made specifically for carving cakes. Although a boning knife is not a tool in a cake carving kit, it can be used in sculpting cakes in the absence of a cake carving kit.

Boning Knives are Used for Cutting Mangoes

The skinning capabilities of boning knives are not just for fish and meat. They can also be taken advantage of when eating fruits. A perfect example of this is the skinning of mangoes. When making use of a boning knife is cutting mangoes, you will be able to do it very easily when you make use of small boning knives. 

Boning Knives are used Taking Meat off Bones

A boning knife can be said to act like a jigsaw. If you are trying to get the meat off a bone with an odd shape, you can depend on a boning knife to get this done. When used this way, you have no need for cutting through the bone. You simply extract the meat from the bone with the use of the knife.

How to Choose a Boning Knife

Now that you know how to use a boning knife and what a boning knife can do, to take total advantage of the capabilities of a boning knife, you should know how to select the right boning knife.

When selecting a boning knife, stick to the guide below

Look out for flexibility

The flexibility of a boning knife can make it easy to use or difficult to make use of. When looking to have great control while making use of a boning knife, you should always select a flexible boning knife over one that is not flexible.

While it is important to buy a boning knife that is very flexible, if you need a boning knife for skinning thick meat, you might want to go for one that comes with stiff blades.

Look out for Blades Made from Stainless Steel

 Boning knives are made with lots of different materials. But if you want a boning knife that will last you a long time, you should buy one that is made from stainless steel. Boning knives made from stainless steel are not just durable, they will stay sharp for much longer than boning knives made from other materials.

Select a blade that is curved

When choosing a boning knife with a curved blade, make it a point to buy a blade that is between 13-16.5 cm. A boning blade of this length will give you the freedom to have control and precision when cutting meat off bones.

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