6 Strategies to Give Her a Full Minute Orgasm

Giving your partner an orgasm is necessary when it comes to enjoying your sex life. What is even better, if it lasts a whole 60 seconds. It may sound unreal, but a full-minute climax exists. Although it is not typical, a woman’s orgasm can last up to 30 seconds. However, if your moves and mood are right, her orgasm will keep going. Also, both of you need to be comfortable with each other and you can ask your partner what she likes. Below are 6 strategies that can help you give her a 60-second orgasm. 

Strategies for Full Minute Orgasm

  1. Create a relaxing space in your bedroom 

Getting her to relax and focus on pleasure will be easy to give her an orgasm. Therefore, work on turning her on to increase the chances of having an intense and long orgasm. Start by setting her mood right. Give her a back massage after a stressful day to bring her into a laid-back state. Lock the doors, turn off your cellphones, put slow jams, and hit the lights. One thing that will help calm her central nervous system is candlelight and music. 

  1. Cover all your bases 

To also help prolong an orgasm, work multiple sex acts into your sex session. The variation of these will help create a more intense environment. As an example, you can start with oral sex if she likes it. Explore all her erogenous territories, her nipple, vagina, clitoris, g-spot, and a-spot. The a-spot is an erogenous zone in the vagina too, that when you find it, you enjoy multiple orgasms. Know how to work around all these even during penetration. 

  1. Compliment her 

Compliment her especially when you know she feels less about herself. In this way, she will enjoy as you make love to her and experience the pleasure instead of thoughts of insecurity distracting her. Make her feel beautiful and let her know she turns you on. This will make her more aroused and she can focus on the sex session you are about to have. This too will help her experience deeper orgasms. Be expressive, tell her how you want to caress and kiss her body, how beautiful her body is, and how you keep thinking about her. Compliment her before and during sex.

  1. Tease her 
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By teasing her you will bring her to the verge of orgasm repeatedly making her arousal spread to her whole body. Through this, she will get a longer and bigger climax as she peaks. Make your teases slow and gentle as you observe how she is responding. To know your strategy is working, she will start panting fast and you can feel her growing tension in her thighs, abs, and butt. Oscillate back and forth to ensure you bring her close to the peak every time, and do this in different motions. Eventually, allow her to have her big finish. 

  1. Talk dirty 

At times, talking dirty is a strategy that does almost half the work. Do this to keep her focus and attention on what is to come next. If you know the right words that help to turn her on, speak that. Otherwise, you can start by telling her how you love the warmth of her naked skin to your body. Also, be dominating in bed and she will like it. Some women love it when you command them about what to do. You need to know her well to know how she feels about dirty talk. If it pleases her when you do it, it is a bonus, and use it to help her orgasm. 

  1. Back off just a little 

Some women have a very sensitive clitoris as they are on the brink of an orgasm. If this is the case with her, it is easier to stimulate her gently to help her achieve orgasm for longer. So, before you back off, find out what she wants at that moment. Does she want you to ease up or continue, do this by asking her softly as you kiss her, to know if you prefer it gentle or hard? Optionally, you can ask her to direct you to what she wants. 

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