Whom To Call in Case of a Gas Leak and What Emergency Measures Should be Taken?

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Domestic gas leaks can be devastating if not quickly acted upon. A gas leak can be pretty tense, and you might not necessarily know whom to call in such a situation. But no need to panic; you can also call a plumber in case of a gas leak. But not just any plumber. They need to have  Certificate III in Plumbing, which equips them with the right skills to handle gas leaks. Finding a professional to help you with domestic problems, like a plumber in Upper North Shore Sydney is never a task. So, without panicking, you can contact a hotline, and the service provider will be in your location within minutes.

How to Spot Gas Leak?

Although natural gas is invisible, suppliers have included some additives so that you can smell a gas leak right away. These are some signs that you may have a gas leak in your house or establishment:

  • You get a whiff of rotting eggs or sulphur in your home with no known source
  • You experience nausea and headache
  • You can see foam or bubbles forming on the pipe 
  • You get a feeling of vertigo, which you haven’t experienced before
  • The houseplant dry up and die
  • You can hear a hissing sound on the gas line
  • In some instances, you can see a mist coming from your gas line

Just so you know, here are some signs of carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • You feel a heaviness in your chest
  • You feel confused or disoriented
  • You feel lethargic or sleepy
  • You vomit
  • You feel an overall weakness

As you know, carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal, so the next step if you suspect a gas leak is to turn off the supply. 

  1. Open all the windows and doors of the building so that the gas can pass through the openings.
  2. Never use your smartphone inside the house or building. Get to the outside to make a call.
  3. Avoid using electrical appliances and don’t switch on the lights.
  4. Do not turn on the stove or any open flame. That includes lighting your cigarette. 
  5. Avoid turning on your car, especially if it is parked near the source of the leak.  

Finally, it is crucial that you know where your gas line is, as opposed to your water pipes. As a homeowner or store owner, you have the responsibility to get your gas lines inspected at least once a year.

Restaurants, hotels, and family kitchens are particularly vulnerable to gas leaks and that is the reason why they always need to pass safety checks before they can operate. When you are at home and suspect a gas leak, do not attempt any DIY techniques you probably watched on YouTube. If you are not careful, the occupants of the house can fall prey to carbon monoxide poisoning. More than that, you’ll be putting your loved ones at risk. So, if you suspect a gas leak, contact a professional, and no need to worry about finding the right plumber in Upper North Shore Sydney, there are plenty of home service providers. 

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