Best Gym Disinfecting Practices Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Fitness centers are on the verge of working their way through the implementation of effective cleaning and sanitation procedures. Owners must adapt to the “new normal” processes before they open and be fully functional to the public. Clients expect thoroughly cleaned facilities, equipment, and enhanced cleaning procedures as soon as they step inside the gym. Hence, strict implementation of sanitation guidelines in the center is a must.

Best Gym Disinfecting Practices Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Consult the healthcare experts

While going through the methods amid the pandemic, consulting healthcare professionals is necessary. There are government health agencies that provide comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting guidelines for every business to follow prior to their reopening. Prioritize the gym disinfecting criteria that require new cleaning equipment or specialized tools. Evidently, the gym has to achieve complete sanitation. Investing in a high-tech disinfecting system can be a practical option for gym owners to maintain a sanitized fitness center effectively.

In addition, not all gym facilities are allowed to operate. When conducting research, identify the affected facilities and areas. Eliminating the machines temporarily or transforming those areas like an extension to provide space for other equipment, will optimize the operation of the gym. Instead of closing the zone, it is economical to convert it into something useful.

Draft a cleaning plan

Disinfecting and cleaning are crucial points in the reopening plan and operational approach of the fitness center. Drawing up new and intensive cleaning protocols is part of the “new normal” and eventually executing it progressively.

Frequently-used areas and amenities must have regular gym disinfecting methods. Doorknobs, bathrooms, and equipment necessitate more time to clean. Offices and other workstations have to maintain cleanliness during and after the operating hours. All these elements should have ample time for complete sanitation. An efficient disinfection process always incorporates the amount of time required and the number of cleaning staff involved in the plan. 

Stock up the necessary supplies

Aside from the cleaning tools, ensuring that there are enough essential cleaning supplies before the fitness gym operates, is crucial. The guidelines provided by the government health taskforce have specified products like hospital-grade disinfectants for ultimate sanitation.

Perform a test-run to determine the required number of products. Cleaning the gym and amenities will identify how much cleaning supplies per day or class are necessary. Keeping enough inventory of these things will maintain the sanitation protocols from then on. The appropriate stocking up of products includes not only for clients’ use but also for the staff. Essentially, the staff has to be the first to adhere to the measures. Providing them with adequate products will suggest to the clients that the entire fitness center has legitimate gym disinfecting procedures. 

Proper information dissemination to the clients

Despite the clients’ excitement on the reopening, there are still some who are apprehensive. Making official communications, such as sending an email or using social media platforms before the opening day, will assure them. Placing an easel at the entrance, decals on the window, and signages within the premises are all useful to remind the clients of the importance of following the guidelines while they are in the center.

All businesses, especially the service sectors, are doing their best to maintain health and safety during the disease outbreak. As responsible gym owners, maintaining the fitness center’s cleanliness to the highest standards is imperative. Moreover, it is beneficial to occasionally check with government agencies and other affiliated healthcare organizations for updates and procedures applicable to the business.

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