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How cyber security plays a vital role in preventing malicious hacks around the world?

The current world is fuelled by information technology and our work, as well as personal lives, is heavily impacted by it. Corporate world runs on digital means and uses data to conduct all vital functions. Similarly, in our personal lives, we have gravitated towards using the internet and online platform for various daily tasks. 

The digital network has certainly eased our lives but it has its vulnerabilities. The increasing number of cyber attacks and malicious activities can only be countered with a strong cyber security system in check. Hence, companies are investing a great deal of time and resources in putting a formidable front that would keep their data secure from cybercriminals. 

The demand for experts in this field has also increased in the past few years and it will peak in the coming times. If you master your skills in cyber security, then you can pave way for a successful career ahead.   

Importance of cybersecurity 

Corporate biggies like Yahoo, Facebook and Equifax have faced data breaches that impacted their business and brand reputation. Even smaller companies have encountered this menace and some had to suffer serious setbacks as well. It is essential that companies learn to take good care of their data as sensitive information pertaining to clients and customers can be easily mishandled by hackers.   

Cyberattacks of any size can have disastrous consequences and can make business extremely vulnerable. That’s why a good cybersecurity strategy is a vital part of running any enterprise. Having a skilled security analyst and multiple layers of protection become necessary to safeguard the company’s network. Since a lot is at stake, things like firewall protection, antivirus software and password management tools must work together as a system of defence against cybercriminals. Needless to say, cybersecurity experts play the most pivotal part here and ensure that a company is protected from all malicious hacks. 

Types of cybersecurity 

The world of web is complex and so is the types of cyber-attacks such as Malware, Phishing, Social engineering and more that are floating around. Hence, cybersecurity of different types is put in place to tackle malicious attacks at various levels. 

Network security- This security is installed to protect internal networks and some prime examples of it are strong passwords and two-factor authentication

Cloud security- Cloud is a space where a large amount of data is collected, stored and accessed by many people. This increases the risks of attacks and hence software-based tools are required to eliminate threats of all kinds. 

Application security- Antivirus programs and firewalls are examples of application security as their core function is to protect software and hardware against external threats. 

Information security- The purpose of information security is to protect physical and digital data from any unauthorised handling. 

Cybersecurity has become one of the most crucial elements of running a business as it is the only line of defence against all malicious attacks that are largely prevalent in the cyber world.    

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