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Amazon Fresh delivers grocery for only 14.99$ per month

The Amazon Fresh 15$ campaign is one of the of Amazon’s promotional campaigns for Amazon Fresh. Amazon has done this sort of promotional stunt a while back too for even cheaper monthly value. But since it got enough fame that Amazon Fresh actually boosted its business because of this, Amazon decided to do it again.

First of all the deadline for registering for this 15$ per month unlimited groceries package is 31 December, 2018.
So, if you are planning get an advantage from this deal be sure to sign up for it as soon as possible. You will get a one month free trial upon signing up, so it’s really not that bad of a deal even if you decide not to continue it after one month.

And also, you will automatically sign up for one month free trial for Amazon Prime as well, which is also amazing.



Click on the link above to find more about Amazon Fresh 15$ per month unlimited groceries package.


Amazon Fresh 15$ per month (unlimited groceries)

Amazon might actually be the only company with enough user satisfaction to step into a grocery delivery service on such a wide scale. As Amazon fresh promises to deliver fresh groceries to your home every month on such a cheap price. It saves you time, effort and most importantly a large sum of cash that you might need to spend on your monthly groceries otherwise.

Customers reviews have so far been very positive about Amazon fresh and more than 90% of people signing up for an AmazonFresh Free Trial actually prefer sticking with it after the one month trial period. And why not, it’s basically a very efficient and cost-effective way to get your groceries delivered at your doorstep which is full of nutrition to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Unlike a regular grocery shop, Amazon is actually known for keeping its customers happy by exchanging the products within a given time if the customer is not satisfied.

This is an excellent trait of the company Amazon itself, which has proven to keep Amazon on top of many other competitors. Since Amazon Fresh 15$ monthly grocery package includes this. It is actually a very good decision for anyone to try out Amazon Fresh. And essentially this is what Amazon hopes to achieve with this Amazon Fresh 15$ deal.

Try AmazonFresh Free Trial

Below are some of the items you might be able to get in Amazon Fresh 15$ monthly package. You can check their separate prices below each product and that will make you appreciate this limited time Amazon Fresh package.


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