Top 6 Home Design and Renovation Trends to Watch in 2019

Everyone dreams about a beautiful and state of the art home. No matter if you are rich or not you must have dreamt about the lovely house. For this, you might have spent a significant amount of money on keeping it maintained. However, every year, new trends come and go when it comes to remodeling and decorating your place. 

2018 was all about rose gold, exposed lighting, and subway tiles, and they were top picks for customers. However, with a new year comes new ideas and decorating pattern. You might have seen stylish yet timeless pieces for fresh takes on classic charms this year.

2019 has picked right from where 2018 left off. It started with style and will end in it too. According to interior designers, this year has brought some unique and innovative home décor trends to take note of. This article will take you through some fascinating home design and renovation trends. If you are looking for inspiration to renovate your home, make sure to check them all.

Home Design and Renovation Trends


Where 2018 brought tech-inspired home décor trends, 2019 has stepped away from it. Customers are embracing their love for nature in style. This year is all about fresh and nature-inspired home designing trends. Customers are moving towards natural materials like stone, copper, concrete, and granite. They reflect the world around your home by bringing an organic and serene ambiance to your space.

Artisanal Fixtures and Ceiling Lights 

This year we have noticed a shift in lighting and its trends. Now more customers are gravitating towards fixtures. Whether you go customized or personalized, hand-crafted artisan fixtures will transform your interior, providing you comforting and inviting feel. A company like Vonn would have plenty of lighting options to choose from for your home.

Higher Ceilings and Innovative Ceiling Lights

It is probably the best way to add flair to your place without undergoing a significant remodeling project. Rooms that have a higher ceiling are made attractive by giving more exciting and varied ceiling treatments. In this regard, ceiling lights have really stepped up in terms of trends and styles. Customers are not attracted to standard and boring lights, and they demand innovation and creativity into them. You can buy ceiling lights at affordable prices by visiting the Multi Lighting website. 

Farmhouse and Rustic Decor

What was old-fashioned is trending now. This rustic and farmhouse style décor has been reinvented and brought back in style. Modern farmhouse style incorporates light in neutral and soothing colors as well as shiplap walls. 

Velvet Furnishings

Who doesn’t love extremely comfortable and luxurious velvet furnishings? Believe or not back in days, people used to see it as old fashion and stuffy furnishing and now is viewed as a style statement. This home designing trend is indeed the most sought-after interior design trends of 2019. 

Floral Patterns

Whether it is a summer dress or walls, floral patterns have dominated trends and style this year. It is a classic and one of a kind decorating trend which has been around probably since the beginning of time. 2019 has thoroughly modernized and refreshed by interior designers to bring back that classic feel into your houses.

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