What Name To Give To Your Startup? Here Is the Procedure to Follow

Startup names or choose startup name …   are these the words you’re typing on Google? Do not worry you are in the right place for the solution you are looking for!

It happens very often to meet startuppers who do not know what name to give to their startup. It seems strange, because we meet people who have a clear idea in mind, sometimes even very articulate and often combined with a new and incredible technology, but then actually this idea does not know how to call it.

First of all I would like to reassure you by telling you, as I told you above, that this is a situation that often happens when we face new business models. So, relax, take a minute and find the solution. We are here for this!

Choosing a name for a startup is not easy and surely the difficulty increases if you think that this will be the digital identity of your startup forever. In the course of work, when you will finally be known and positioned on the market, certainly you will not be able to do behind and change the name, because you do not like it anymore or because you have found another one that you like best.

Names for startups: our advice

In our canvas, The Startup Canvas, the only operational guide for startups, naming is dealt with in two areas: first of all in the block of marketing where we define the digital identity and the branding of your startup and follow in the block of ownership intellectual together with the domain, the patent, the brand, the design and the copyrights to protect your brand.

Oh yes because for the name of your startup, but also for other projects that want to launch the market, you can see a counter trend. First, one chose his own identity offline and online and then created the domain. Now exactly the opposite happens!

For the names of the startups, it is first necessary to check if the chosen domain is available. The choice of the domain influences the choice of the name, because today unfortunately the domains are almost all already occupied.

You can also find a nice and catchy name, but if the domain is busy you will not be able to position yourself at least on the digital with that brand. So, generally today you work on the contrary to find the name of your startup!

To check if the domain is free there are special sites, such as “Register.it”, “Aruba.it” and many others that indicate if it is free and also the cost that you have to pay to buy it.

Regarding the domain search for the name of your startup we suggest you:

  • Choosing the .com extension, because talking about startups, you will certainly have the intention of climbing in other countries with an international vision;
  • The domain must always be around 8 characters maximum 10;
  • It must not contain punctuation or dashes inside it;
  • It must be composed of letters possibly by numbers;
  • It must be clear and simple to write to allow users to write it while searching for it on search engines without having difficulty remembering how to write. This is because the user is generally lazy, so not finding immediately the desired brand will abandon the search and maybe move right on your competitors!
  • The name must be unique, because it helps SEO positioning. You should not take inflated names, but choose an identity that recalls the name of the startup. To do this there are several ways. The extra advice we can give you for choosing your name, if you want to find an assonant name for an existing word, but you cannot find a free domain, is to use the double vowel. This is the case, for example, of Badoo or Policy.
  • It can be an onomatopoeic name or that easily remembers the market or the product / service provided by the startup itself.
  • It must be easy to memorize.

In addition, there are also tools that have been designed as a startup names generator or more generally as a company name generator. An example among all Shopify, which turns out to be also a generator names free companies.

Evocative names to get inspired

Here we want to tell you some curious cases of names of leading companies in their field. This will surely help you to be inspired and even smile. Are you ready? We leave immediately!

  • Samsung: is a word composed of two parts ‘Sam’ which means three and ‘Sung’ which means stars. Their success was therefore already marked by their name!
  • Apple: there has been much controversy regarding its history. In fact, according to what was stated in his biography, Steve had returned from a farm, where he had bought apples. He then decided to call what would later become a real colossus, because it sounded fun, witty and not intimidating.
  • Amazon: it is in honor of the Amazon River, the longest river in the world, which is also inspired by the logo.
  • Pepsi: the inventor, Caleb Davis Bradham, after calling her ‘Brad’s Drink’, renamed her, after three years, to contrast her with the word dyspepsia, which means indigestion, in fact believed that the drink was useful for digestion.
  • Asus: is the acronym of “As seen on screen”, that is how it is on the screen.

Startup names: OK I chose the name and now?

After choosing the name of your startup you need to create a brand. Therefore, an identifying logo that will have to be positioned in a unique way on the market in relation to that name. Anyone who sees that name will immediately have to identify it in a unique way with your startup.

The logo for the name of your company will be developed which we recommend to register. It generally starts with the Italian registration of your brand and then you will have some months to extend it also in other countries on a European or even worldwide level.

So you start from the Italian one and you wait a certain period of time to understand even if your startup is having the desired growth. In this case we recommend extending the registration of your trademark.

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