How to affiliate market with amazon

Affiliate marketing is among the top ways to make money online. If you don’t have any idea on how to affiliate, don’t worry. we have a solution for you. And its called ‘Amazon affiliate program’. Affiliates consider Amazon as one of the top affiliate programs out there today. Getting affiliated with Amazon is simple and the whole affiliation process takes less than an hour (in most cases). Unlike Adsense which can take months, only to set up right.

Affiliates earn up to tens of thousands of dollars monthly using only Amazon affiliate program. But this much amount is not earned right away, patience and hard work is the key. If you are considering to become an affiliate then you should know that being an affiliate means you advertise other people or company’s products and when a viewer clicks on one of your ad links, and actually buys that product through your link only then will you get paid a very small percentage of the sales.

Now, if you put only one ad on one page/post then obviously chances of anyone buying that particular product from your link are very slim. You need to post quality content on a daily basis and add around 5,10 products in every single post. After doing this for more than one year, yes that’s right a whole year after you can really expect to earn any real money.

The math behind this is simple, let’s say you have 365 posts (by posting one every single day for one year) of which, each contains 10 affiliate ads. so that is 365 x 10 = 3,650 ad links. Only 10% of this number of ads will actually be clicked by people and further, only 10% of that number might actually consider buying …

This narrows down the number of products purchased through your links to 36.5 and let’s say you are getting 1$ of each of these sales then the amount that you will be earning at the end of the year is only 36$. But this amount and the numbers above are hypothetical, maybe you can get millions of views just by 10 blog posts (which is highly unlikely, but still can happen).

So, all it comes down to in the end is engaging your audience to get excited about your content, so that they share it rapidly. Which in order to do, your content needs to be unique.

After understanding these basics if you are still determined to try out affiliate marketing then here’s the process.

Affiliate marketing with Amazon

1-  First of all, in your browser visit http://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

then click “join now for free”.

affiliate marketing 2018 - make money online - trendmut


2- If you already have an account, you can sign in here .. Otherwise click on create an account. And then add your name, email and a password.

affiliate marketing - make money online - TrendMut

3- When you have done that, You will need to add some more of your personal information, In this part only give your real name, address, and number. Along with this, you have to also give your website or mobile app link. (if you have a youtube channel then just add its link here)

affiliate marketing - make money online - TrendMut

Carefully fill out all these fields and keep clicking next.. until you reach the last step. Which will say finish, Start using your associate’s account.
(note: in some countries, amazon affiliate is not available. if your from one of these countries and still want an affiliate account, you can still achieve it. comment below… and we will let you know the one extra step needed for that)


4- After filling out all information correctly you will hopefully now see the home page of your Amazon affiliate account. And right at the top, you can see 2 important notices, you need to provide your tax information and Payment information here. These both vary from country to country. It is important that you fill you these both before actually advertising any product on your site.

affiliate marketing - make money online - trendmut


5- After giving all your information, you might need to wait a day or two for verification process but you can start adding products right away.
Go to products linking in the main menu bar and click on products link.

affiliate marketing - make money online - trendmut


6- Now you can pick any product that is available on Amazon.com and get its affiliate link. Paste it into your site/ online forum or YouTube channel.

affiliate marketing - make money online - trendmut

7- Finished. that’s about it.



Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a little extra buck from your online content.
Yes, you can make an online empire using only affiliate marketing on your site/channels,
But to achieve that you have to be persistent and keep providing original and unique content for your viewers.
So that your viewer count keeps increasing day by day.



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