How Poor Diet Affects an Adolescent Girl’s Health

If you are raising a teenage girl, you know that it can be a real challenge for your nerves. However, adolescent age is very important and a very difficult milestone for any child. Believe us, she doesn’t feel much better than you. She begins to realize herself as a woman in a world that is not the friendliest place for human beings like her.

Teenage Girls and Food

There are many life aspects that are important for a teenage girl at this age, and a proper diet is one of the most important ones. Ironically, most of the adolescent girls prefer to eat literally anything except healthy food. During this age, they are very emotionally unstable. Any conflict, misunderstanding with family or peers or stress can cause an emotional breakdown and a problematic attitude to food.

Pay attention to what your daughter eats. How often? Does she prefer to eat with family or alone in her room? What are the eating habits of your family? Does anyone in the family make jokes or negative comments about her weight or the amount of food she eats? You should be very very careful not to miss the alarm signs that something is wrong.

Poor diet in teenagers can be a result of several factors. Eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia or binge eating are emotionally conditioned problems and deserve a special conversation. But what if your daughter just loves to eat junk food? Well, who doesn’t – you may ask and have a point. But it’s a totally wrong attitude because poor diet can cause serious health issues in her growing adolescent body.

What Poor Diet Does to an Adolescent Girl’s Body

Skin problems

If your girl loves to eat sweets or spiced salty chips, the first visible effect will be literally seen on her face. The sebaceous glands during adolescent age are very active. With an unhealthy diet, they will receive a boost they don’t need. And, of course, she herself wouldn’t be very glad to see the results. This can be a good point for you to persuade her to choose healthier options in her food choices.

Hormonal issues

Unhealthy food choices may become causes of a missed period, obesity and the development of polycystic ovarian syndrome – a systemic disease that is actually treated by a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let a poor diet destroy your daughter’s reproductive health, appearance, and fertility.

Fatigue and brain fog

Food loaded with sugar and carbohydrates gives a rush that is quickly depleted. After eating such foods your daughter won’t be able to concentrate on her studies and will feel tired and sleepy. The best way for her to begin her morning before school is a breakfast rich in proteins and vitamins to make her feel energetic for the whole day.

Low self-esteem

Our girls live in something we didn’t have in their age – the colossal pressure of unrealistic beauty standards promoted by Instagram influencers. They can make even an adult woman feel insecure about her appearance. The effects of unhealthy food on the skin and body of an adolescent girl will feed this insecurity, and this can transform into various self-destructive behavioral patterns.

As you can see, you’re the one that’s in charge of your daughter’s healthy diet. Try to convince her using logic, respect, and a hearty talk. Forcing, blaming and criticizing may make things even worse. Your teenage children will only listen to you if you speak to them like they’re your equals. Love will always find the way!

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