How to get free air tickets

Did you ever wonder what it will be like if you can travel for free with free air tickets ?

Like hitchhiking but actually traveling for free in airplanes. Yes, you heard it right. There is a way you can get free plane tickets (at least within a country).

The process is very simple , its called ‘jumping on a plane’ or ‘standby’ before it takes off. But it really has no guarantees whether you will actually get a seat or not. Otherwise everyone would be doing it. Doing this you have literary no guarantee or even confirmation whether you will on the plane or not until the actual flight time.

Here is how it works.

Everyday hundreds of flights are flying in and out of any airport that you can think of. If its a busy airport then this number could even be higher. But all these flights are not nearly full. As many of them have a lot room for more passengers, but still the flight has to leave on the given departure time. So, evidently there are many empty seats in an airplane granted if its not holiday season or anything.

Most of the major airlines companies in the world have noticed this and thought of a clever way to advertise their generosity. It goes like this, you can get a free seat on a plane if there is an empty seat available on that particular flight at the time it leaves. So, in order to get a standby ticket you have to go to the website of the airline company you are selecting and look for the word standby.

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Free air travel / free air tickets !

After using some google and checking websites of the desired airlines you can get a general idea about which airlines do actually allow standby in your country.

Now the process of applying online for a standby ticket is simple. You just apply like you would for a normal ticket, but you will shown some extra info. Since it is free travel so there are a few strings attached. First of all you need to apply at least 1 week before and to as many standby flights for your destinations as you could find. The reason is , you ticket because its free can be canceled anytime without any notice.

If someone happens to buy a ticket even at the last minute before the flight leave. The airline has a right to cancel your seat and give it to the paying customer instead.Keeping this in mind, probably free travel via standby ticket is not the best thing to do if you are on a schedule. But if you are on a tight budget, like really tight budget (or no budget at all). Then free air travel through a Standby ticket is worth exploring.

Also worth noting that if other people like yourself have also applied for the same standby ticket on a flight as you. Then you are put on a waiting list, which works in a first come first serve manner. Chances are where ever you are applying for already has a waiting list of standby’s.

Some handful airlines also offer free air tickets (standby tickets) to international destinations also. But the wait list in that is even more and the chances of flight cancellation on the last moment are even higher.

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If you are a free spirit and you don’t really need to get to your destination on time, and are able to handle a few hiccups along the way. Then Standby ticket or free air travel as we like to call it just might be the thing for you. Don’t get your expectations too high while applying for this kind of free air tickets online as the success rate is kind of low (10% to 20%).

But if you do get a standby ticket then you are sure to have an awesome journey with almost none of the travel expense.

Also, if you are thinking of traveling on a budget here are cheap countries you can travel to.

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