How To Sell More On Amazon In 2019?

Amazon continues to have tremendous growth in the world of e-commerce. According to analysts & also the owner of WBS: black bomber jacket women, the platform owned by Jeff Bezos will be the third advertising force behind Facebook and Google. In fact, advertising on Amazon means reaching more than 15 million people in Spain, according to the Amazon Study of 2018.

A very interesting piece of information is the one commented by Jordi Ordonez: “In Amazon, searches are carried out in a purely transactional environment, so the budget allocated to PPC goes directly to sales.”

Who wants to sell more on Amazon should know that, with the growing popularity of the platform and the increase in competition in it, highlighting is becoming increasingly difficult. However, with the right strategy, we can achieve greater positioning than our competitors and prioritize our products.

In our blog, we have already seen several reasons why we should advertise in the e-commerce giant and also the new ad formats offered by its platform. Now we share for free an Ebook entirely dedicated to Amazon, where we explain how to sell more on Amazon in 2019 and take advantage of this wave of growth. In it we will talk in depth about the following topics:

  • What is AMS?
  • Is it interesting to bet on Amazon’s PPC?
  • Why advertise on Amazon?
  • Amazon ads?
  • Type of seller
  • Type of campaigns in AMS
  • Amazon Editorial Line
  • Ad placement
  • How does the PPC work in Amazon?
  • Strategies on Amazon
  • What can we measure in AMS?
  • Reports
  • Optimization
  • Block operations
  • Amazon stores


How to sell more on Amazon in 2019

how to sell more on Amazon in 2019

Below, we show you some brushstrokes of the content you will find:

Amazon Ads

Do you know what type of seller you are in Amazon and the characteristics of each type of seller? The two types of sellers that we can find are the following:

  • Vendor: If you sell your products directly to Amazon with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).
  • Seller: If you sell the products from the Marketplace through the Seller Central Ad. In the first case, with AMS, you can create more complex campaigns, in the following formats:

If we focus on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), we have different types of strategies that we can carry out:

  • Sponsored Products Campaigns
  • Featured Ad Campaigns
  • Display Ads campaigns
  • Video Ads Campaigns

When creating ads on Amazon, for them to work properly, it is important to take into account a number of factors related to Amazon’s own editorial line, such as those explained in this ebook.

How does the PPC work in Amazon?

On Amazon, the seller pays for the actual clicks on the ads. In this platform, the quality and quantity of the impressions are determined by a system in the real time that analyzes the level of quality and the maximum bid per click to pay.

In this ebook on how to sell more on Amazon, we offer you recommendations to get better results. Some of them are:

  • Ad groups should contain related products to share common keywords.
  • In each campaign, we must create several ad groups, both generic and specific.

Strategies on Amazon

Before starting to sell the articles, it is necessary to know what objective of the 4 that Amazon offers us fits with the strategy we want to carry out:

  • Notoriety: Featured Ads
  • Consideration: Display ads
  • Buy:  Sponsored Products
  • Loyalty:  Amazon Stores

What can we measure in AMS?

Not all users have the same intention to access Amazon, therefore, the definition of a specific goal is so important. In accordance with our objectives, Amazon allows us to measure the results in real time with several indicators:

  • Sponsored Products Ads: clicks measurement, CTR, Total Expense, Sales, among others.
  • Featured Ads: Impressions, Clicks, Detail Page Views, Units Sold, among others.
  • Display ads: Total sales, Clicks, CTR, ACPC, among others.

Amazon Stores

In Amazon Stores, Amazon gives the opportunity to sellers to create their own store of one or several pages to present their products. Each store can have up to three levels of product and offers three types of template for the pages, choosing the one that best suits us:

  • Marquee, which works as an entry page
  • Grid, planned to present a large number of products
  • Showcase, with products and related content

Now that you know what you can find, what are you waiting for to download your ebook on how to sell more on Amazon where we fully tackle the most appropriate strategies to boost your sales?

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