How Web Hosting Can Affect Your Online Business

Although web hosting, most of the times, does not register in most business owners’ minds as something with extensive and significant business concomitant, it is an integral and quintessential part of establishing a website. You give payment to your hosting provider every month, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

However, there is so much more than that. As a matter of fact, if you think about it, there is a far-reaching correlation between your business ROI and the efficiency of your web hosting provider. For instance, if your web hosting company provides unreliable service, then. As a result, your business will most probably experience unwanted downtime and performance inconsistencies.

With that said, web hosting is crucial not to take for granted. The possible issues that emanate from a less than reliable hosting have extensive repercussions, making it necessary to verify a hosting provider before sealing the deal. For a little help, here’s how web hosting can affect your online business and why it is crucial to do some due diligence before signing up.

Website Monitoring

An excellent web monitoring service is a critical aspect for maintaining the overall performance and security of your website. And it could be a lifesaver because it allows agencies to oversee their network anywhere and anytime.

You will receive and get alerts about far-reaching issues that affect your website before they can even bother your customers. An excellent hosting service that offers such as the Cloud Hosted website monitoring. In today’s digital marketplace, cloud-hosted web monitoring is a must.

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network or CDN is one of the many factors that can aid in speeding up your site and boost the performance of your online business. CDN is a system of networks that deliver web content and web pages to a user according to his or her geographic locations, the place where the content delivery server and web page originated.

In essence, it means that distance of the user affects the loading time of a web page. Some of the well-known Content Delivery Network out there is CloudFlare, Fastly, and AWS CloudFront. Another significant reward of a Content Delivery Network is that by removing or unloading the bandwidth, you get to enjoy fewer downtime issues because of the traffic volumes.

Domain Name System

Domain Name System or DNS is yet another important factor you shouldn’t disregard with regards to selecting a web hosting provider. DNS is the Internet’s version of a phonebook. Meaning, it is essentially a directory containing IP addresses.

However, the Domain Name System gets, more often than not, overlooked because it is an element of your web host. But take note that if it’s down, then your website will not work as well. Keep in mind that DNS is something you should pay attention to.

It would be great if you see to it that your web hosting provider can upgrade standard DNS services to premium. By that, you can get an automatic failover, given if one server goes down, to other servers on the network.


Website downtime could potentially translate to lost revenue for your business and some adverse effects on your SEO efforts. As such, anything that you can do to ease and alleviate unwanted website downtime is quintessential for boosting the overall performance of your business. And perhaps the best solution you can take to mitigate adverse downtime issues is to make sure that your web host provides you with an intermittent uptime guarantee.


In 2010, Google announced that they would be using page speed as a significant ranking factor. To put it simply, the faster loading time of your pages, you get to enjoy high rankings compared to the slow loading pages. And recently, Google announced that the same rule would apply for mobile website pages.

But, what does your web hosting have to do with SEO? Well, it’s simple. The faster the loading speed of your site, the higher your Google rankings. Plus, a lot of people will likely engage with your business. And website speed is, for the most part, highly dependent on your website host.

As such, a fast loading website, solid SEO strategy, and improved overall business performance are the three essential factors that should work together along with a quality web hosting service.


Cybercriminals and hackers will, believe it or not, sometimes use the website host to access your site, and once it happens, your online business is negatively affected, and you could also lose your revenue. For that reason, it is vital to take the necessary steps to make sure your website hosting company provides the best solutions in mind to secure your website.

For example, offering vulnerability scanners and reliable malware to identify and get rid of any harmful code that fraudsters may drop. Furthermore, your web host provider should also provide a robust policy against “distributed denial-of-service attacks or DDoS. This policy will make sure that the hosting system is, even in a cyber-attack, available.

Of course, there’s nothing worse than a hacked site and losing all your sensitive information. These possible implications could be severely damaging for any online business. Thus, it is essential to know and understand how your hosting provider backs up your data, what data gets backed up, and where they store it.


According to some research, there’s a strong correlation between customer conversions and website loading speed. With that said, the faster your site loads, the higher the likelihood that more and more customers will engage with your business.

And because speed is an integral factor for managing and handling an online business, it is always a great idea to see know and understand what type of services they offer and if an upgrade is accessible. For the most part, there are many hosting options available in the market.

For example, shared hosting and VPS hosting. Shared Hosting refers to one server that gets shared by other websites, while a virtual private server gives you more ownership and offers more disk space and memory space. Think about an apartment complex for shared hosting and a condominium for VPS.


Web hosting is crucial for an online business. It’s critical for the success of your business. That is why it’s imperative to have a quality web hosting provider because a bad one can lead in lost sales and lost business. Thus, you should choose a web host carefully. Choose a provider that’ll ensure your site is secure, reliable, and fast.

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