What Is Minimum Protection Against Brief Heat Contact & What Is ISO 11612?

Human nature has always been and will stay concerned about its safety and protection protocols. The security concerns don’t only fall under our personal life but also our official life as well. In fact, if we look at it – our commercial staff needs more shielding and protection than others – because of the nature of their work. Therefore, for this purpose, ISO 11612 has been recognized to be used to specify the performance of protective clothing material to keep the wearer’s complete body protected and shielded. Thus, our today’s topic is closely related to the hazards of fire and how ISO 11612 plays an important role in identifying the performance of protective clothes. The main scope of creating the ISO was to ensure that the businesses do get safety improvements for their employees and to improve the global safety rules.

What Is ISO & How It Impacts Us?

During the year 1946, the initiation of ISO began with a total of 25 countries and their members meeting to constitute to set benchmarks of international standards for the safety. In this way, each country will know what is needed to be followed without missing the basic protocols of safety and security. And after 1946, the official new organization was set up on 23rd of February of 1947. The full form stands for “International Organization For Standardization”. Due to the official formation of ISO, it became easier to pass orders regarding the employee and user safety regulations, and also set up a unified platform for the betterment of mankind. There are 162 national standard bodies related to ISO. These bodies join forces to bring forth experts with knowledge and expertise to improve international standards, and overcome challenges globally.

How Does Setting Benchmark Standards Help?

The general rule of thumb is to make things work together internationally. And for this purpose, there has to be a unified system to ensure that companies follow a set of rules & protocols that are uniform across the board. In this way, safety, security, and efficiency improve a 100-folds, and also the instrumental facilitating point remains constant. Thus, 22655 set of rules and documents are published for each industry has been published by ISO. The industries included in this list are:

  1. Food and Agriculture
  2. Healthcare and Medical Equipments
  3. Safety and Manufacturing
  4. Information and Technology

Therefore, all industries stay safe based on an international set of steps that allow their employees to work without any safety concerns. And this, later allows the business to focus on better things than worrying over the basics that are due to limited support from other countries.

What Are The Benefits Of ISO International Standards?

The main purpose of choosing ISO as an International Set Of Standards is to ensure that all the products and services produced or created fall under the safe, reliable and qualitative zone. As far as businesses are concerned – here strategic tools are involved so that they can cut costs by reducing waste and dropping down the errors. And this whole action will increase productivity with safety and quality measures intact. Further, with ISO intact – it is easier for every company to get access to new options for growth and production. Plus, they can grow business with having the insight to increase revenue. In simple, the global revenue share will be easy and will be shared across countries along with other benefits.

How Is ISO 11612 Helpful For Businesses?

Heat protection, flame safety, burn precaution, and fireproof – all get specified under ISO 11612 rules and regulations. Further, this number identifies and sets benchmarks for the performance that is expected or required according to ISO set of standards for global usage of a cloth. To minimize danger and improve safety Health and Welfare at Work Act of 2005 made a section called 19 to ensure the safety rules and regulations that every employer has to identify and notate.

These are needed to be in written format along with any other risks that may occur or are possible – so that the risk management team of every business can better assert the situation. Further, the employer also has to identify risks and hazards the employees may or can face during the working hours of their organization. These identifications will help to minimize the safety hazards and ensure that the worker is not only safe but is also able to withstand any emergency situation before getting external help. However, as fire protection can only be done by FR protective gear, thus ISO 11612 is needed to be displayed on whatever work gear is used in factories or industries.

Apart From Security, what Else Is Considered?

The ISO keeps on improving the international set of standards to ensure that the global standards keep transforming towards the betterment of humanity. Therefore, the ISO 11612:2015 only ensured the design and flexibility of standard work gear. This design was intended only to protect the body of the user, and the scope held a place for:

  1. Gaiters
  2. Hoods
  3. Overboots

These clothes help the wearer in case of a fire hazard. But, these FR products didn’t provide any aid for the hands, face, head or feet of the person wearing them. Thus, the performance requirements that are applicable to protective clothing are internationally acceptable and approved. These clothes provide a wide range of options and use for its wearer. Therefore, the need for using fabrics that limit the danger and provide unlimited support to reduce the risks for its users. Further, with the development of technology, the treated fabrics, and their properties are improving daily to ensure that no life-threatening situation goes out of control. Plus, this also allows controlling the melting or burning properties of various metals and minimizing the exposure to danger. As of now, face gear, respiratory system, hand covers, shoes – all are under constant testing and development with regards to implementing the fire retardant ability. This continuous effort is going to improve the overall situation and also providing better options to the employees and employer.

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