6 Reasons Why Quality Web Hosting Is Critical For SEO

In today’s technology-driven world, business owners and entrepreneurs alike take blogs and websites to their advantage to reach, interact, and engage with their potential customer and existing clients. While these business people see the importance and significance of creating quality content, the value of choosing an excellent web host is, more often than not, overlooked.

Sadly, most startup owners end up choosing the wrong one at the start because they don’t, for the most part, evaluate and assess all their needs. Keep in mind that selecting the wrong web hosting can cause bad things in your business. It could make your website prone to malware attacks, have an adverse impact on your SEO rankings, and worse, loss of revenue.

Every aspect or feature of your site can, believe it or not, make a crucial impact, especially when it comes to SEO. It is not enough to produce quality content and to have a beautiful-looking design. For that reason, here are six reasons why quality web hosting is critical for SEO.


Last July 2018, Google finally used the mobile page speed loading time as a ranking factor in SERPs. With that said, it’s of the utmost importance to make your site to load as fast as possible on all devices and browsers, most especially on tablets and mobile devices.

You can only do that if you have, for the most part, high uptime. If you happen to have high uptime, then rest assured that your site will be in good shape. Uptime is the availability of your website for your visitors. On the other hand, downtime is when your website is down. Meaning, your website visitor won’t be able to navigate any pages in your site at all.

It can be a very dissatisfying and disconcerting experience for both you and your customers. However, you should not have to experience any of it if you have a quality web hosting on your site.

If you already have web hosting on your site, be sure to associate it with a content delivery network. A CDN will help boost your site speed by ensuring that all your site’s content is available for your visitors at all times and by creating cached versions of all pages on your site to nearby data centers.

Reach Local Customers Better

By having a quality web hosting, you will surely gain more benefits with your SEO efforts. Along with having a secure web hosting, you will also have an IP address that suits or equates the geographical location of your business. It’s not a good idea to use servers which are far off of your area. For instance, it would not, without a doubt, make more sense for a Philippine-based company to use servers outside of their state.

Additionally, the same rule would work to a company situated in Alpharetta that use servers somewhere far away like Los Angeles. So, if you operate a local business, consider using servers located near your area. Keep in mind that server location plays a huge role in your website’s speed.

Strengthens Your Online Reputation

Google, at all times, wants to give the best search results from well-respected companies to its users. As such, having quality web hosting will aid in making your site more reputable and legitimate.

A lot of unethical sites don’t have the right web hosting on the website and do not offer a safe user experience. There are plenty of cases of malware attacks because webmasters did not take their time to correctly secure the site and keep the user’s sensitive information free from harm.  

Maximize Website Performance

Obviously, uptime is extremely important in keeping your site visitors happy and satisfied. With that said, your goal must be to have a website uptime at 99.9 percent and most especially keep downtime to least possible.

You should get worried if your website is experiencing many downtimes regularly, particularly at least forty-three minutes every month. The search engine bots of Google will be, for the most part, perplexed when crawling your site and everything that you have created, as well as your SEO efforts, will get affected. Worst is, your site could rank lower in the search engine results page, which would need months of work to keep back on your track.

Secures Confidential Information

One of the key benefits of having a quality web host on your website is the capability to keep confidential or sensitive information secure. A quality web hosting will have a Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

This certificate encrypts data on your site and enables safe website sessions to occur. An SSL certificate will have a public key, a serial number, a digital signature, and an expiration date. For the most part, sites that have a Secured Sockets Layer will have a URL that starts with HTTPS, not HTTP.

Minimize Bad SEO and Stop DDoS Attacks

One common error entrepreneurs make is subscribing to a shared hosting plan for all their websites. A shared hosting plan means that you have to share the same IP address with other sites. It can be a problem if the other sites use black-hat SEO or are merely spammy. You can avoid such a thing by subscribing to a dedicated hosting plan for which you can get an exclusive IP address for your site.

Another critical advantage of having an excellent web hosting is that it put a stop to DDoS attacks. Without a quality web hosting, your site is, believe it or not, vulnerable and prone to all kind of attacks by fraudsters. They can attack your site with DDoS, making it unresponsive and could eventually take your website down entirely.

In fact, just early this year, a 50 percent increase in DDoS attacks happened on various sites. It is another reason why you need to have quality web hosting on your site. Plus, it will show you how complex the internet has become and how web hosting can aid you in preparing your site for the worst.


Sure, you can do everything right on your website from having a beautiful-looking web design to producing the best content for your site visitors. But all of it can go to waste if you don’t have a secure web hosting. Not having one will leave your website prone to any malware attacks and a ranking drop in your site SEO. With that said, do not take chances for granted, reach out to any hosting agencies now.

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