Top Web Development Trends of 2019

We live in a world that continuously comprehending towards innovation and in the aspect of web development, new initiatives are being taken which are meant to disrupt the industry. Different examples include development in cryptocurrency, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. This all is set to benefit the global economy in tremendous ways. Technology continues to become unpredictable because it experiences development and advancement every now and then. The digital world continues to entice us with new technologies as well as possible prospects which were not even impossible to think of in the past decade.

If any individual is looking to build a career in web development then they would need a necessary set of skills and certifications, and in this case, there is no better choice than to sign up for boot camp classes. Besides, the hot trends in web development are also vital information for professionals to learn. With that being said, let us have foresight in terms of what is set to happen in the world of web development.

Top Web Development Trends of 2019

Bots – Bots are the finest manifestation of artificial intelligence. By definition, AI allows machines to emulate human intelligence and carry out cognitive functions, such as the ability to collect, analyze, process, learn data and solve problems. The need for AI continues to grow and it has become a top trend in web development. There are many AI-powered chatbot assistants both as web page tools and physical devices. They have taken social interaction to a whole new level. This ensures a rich level of customer experience and remains a consistent part of messaging services, websites, chat boxes, etc. AI has a strong future and developments continue to take place in artificial neural network and machine learning researches.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) – They remain a top web development trend even in 2019. Progressive Web Apps are modern web apps that load just like a typical web page but has more functionalities. The most benefit that they offer is instant loading, irrespective of the host being connected to a network or web browser. They are designed with a progressive enhancement mechanism. A user can have an instant and reliable web experience without any problems associated with the cache. It is also safe because it is used with HTTP. Other than that, Progressive Web Pages are very user-friendly and allow a user to have no problems of any kind. It can be integrated with push notifications as well as shared via URL.

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JavaScript – A very popular programming language that continues to remain relevant since the past few years. There have been many developments in frameworks, designs, and libraries of it. Developers prefer JavaScript because it offers a great experience of power and flexibility.

Mobile-Friendly Site – A mobile-friendly site conveniently works on a smartphone. It uses touch screen functionalities and fits in a compact screen. It boosts navigation of the site and makes it more user-centered. Web pages also load faster when they are optimized with mobile-based tools. User interface and hardware are different in mobile phones and desktop PCs and using a mobile site, different businesses are able to increase their site traffic, helping in the marketability of their platforms. The number of smartphone users around the world continues to surge in billions.

SPA (Single Page Application) – It is a web app based on JavaScript and can function on different other devices. It increases a platform’s digital performance, diminishes any lags related to web pages loading and reducing web development session time by comprehending to actions made by a user without the need of making a request to get new HTML from the server’s end. The Single Page Application model is largely preferred when making agile websites having different functionalities. It can also support all kinds of devices including mobile, desktop, and tablet. The React and Angular frameworks in Single Page Applications have seen tremendous developments making it workable for hybrid applications.

Motion User Interface (UI) – There is an ever-increasing demand for flexible web designs, and this is where a Motion UI triumphs. It remains to trend primarily because of its animation, graphics, and dynamics which certainly enriches user experience. It also reflects the web developer’s sheer ability to bridge communication with the end user using creative visuals, all the while maintaining communication using different techniques. It is also a sustainable library that results in smooth transition effects on the UI. The library is gaining an immense amount of popularity because web developers can animate content without the need for experience in jQuery library and JavaScript.

Cybersecurity – Data breaches and cyber threats continue to take place, which is why there’s an ever-increasing need for cybersecurity experts and professionals who can deal with these attacks and mitigate risks involved in it. Cybersecurity professionals are able to use different tools and techniques to assess an attack, find it’s the origin, the primary objective as well as develop strategies to plan the necessary course of action in minimizing risks and defeating the criminals. Cybersecurity would remain relevant add long as the world relies on the digital landscape, so it’s beneficial for IT professionals to take enroll in cybersecurity certifications.

Blockchain – A Blockchain is one of the technologies that have tremendously brought benefit to the world especially in the area of FinTech. The first blockchain was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto and since then it continued to experience different sorts of advancements and has an array of applications in the real world. By definition, blockchain refers to a digital ledger that records all kinds of transactions in a transparent and immutable manner. It also offers a high level of encryption and due to its ability to prevent alterations of the contents added on the blockchain, it is considered as a technology that would ensure maximum security.

The web development industry continues to experience different developments in terms of innovative design trends, mobile applications, and frameworks to meet the increasing market demands and expectations of consumers. There are some setbacks but they remain to a minor level and only point out to a margin of improvement.

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