Importance of Certified Data Destruction

Data is the new buzzword of the business world today. With data being present everywhere, there is an increasing number of data storage devices used by businesses and home users alike. When all these machines (servers, laptops, desktops, tablets, USB sticks, etc.) become obsolete, owners start to think about deleting all the data saved inside them by formatting. However, data still remains vulnerable to dangerous attacks by cybercriminals, who use powerful software tools to recover information previously deleted.

This is where certified data destruction comes in!

Certified data destruction refers to the process of destroying sensitive business data stored on hard disks, flash drives, and other similar storage devices in a secure manner. The primary objective of data destruction exercise is to make it completely unreadable so that it cannot be accessed by anyone. It can be done in several ways based on the number of devices types of media and the number of devices. While data erasing software exists, it is still not a guarantee that the information cannot be accessed.

Here are the most important reasons why complete data destruction is extremely important –

Keep sensitive information secure

Every organization has the responsibility of ensuring the privacy of its employees and customers. This makes it essential to protect their sensitive information and other personal data from misuse, theft, or unauthorized advertising. Among this sensitive data include

  • Personal information – data that directly concerns or reveals an individual’s identity, including the name, age, bank account details,  social security numbers, and health records, among others.
  • Medical information – includes the patients’ identifiable health information mainly used by hospitals, Insurance companies, and other medical professionals.
  • Financial data–includes the bank account details or any other type of financial data that should not be left on discarded hard drives.

To prevent the threat of all these types of data being recovered by miscreants, complete data wipe/destruction becomes the top priority.

Prevent instances of data leaks

Maintaining personal/sensitive data secure and confidential is the first objective of both businesses and individual consumers alike. By using certified data destruction services, you can ensure that such data is completely wiped from your computers or personal devices, saving the instances of unwanted data leaks.


One of the easiest and economical ways that companies have for managing the deletion of data is by outsourcing the process. A qualified, certified data destruction company can ensure that all the data on your data storage media is completely deleted in a secure manner. Since they perform the exercise by physically destroying the hard drives using a high-security media destroyer, the chances of data retrieval become nil even with modern forensic techniques.

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