6 Features Every Tanning Software Must Own

In this modern era, every single industry is dependent on IT assets. Many businesses are impossible to handle without technology. The spa is also a business that is difficult to operate without tanning software. this is the best requirement for managing a spa business as it can track every single thing through this platform. This is not necessary you have all features only choose which can go with your business. There are 7 features which a spa must have in management software: 

Real-Time Information: 

This is one of the most essential features of software through which the team can get to know every single information. Like what kind of possession, a current organization has? The exact location of the organization? And assets that are using in the organization. This will in turn provide lease chances of loss and forgotten. All kinds of information are tracked through it. Real-time information is using the management of daily tasks as well as improved daily kinds of operations. Task planning and scheduling things are also improved by the use of these features. 

Alerts And Notification: 

Whenever you are managing the business, check and balance is the most important thing which you should have. Through the management software, you will receive notification of every single activity which is happening. That’s why you have to make an update of every asset. Like if your software session going to be expired then you will receive a notification so you can update timely. through this, you can save yourself as well your business from much mess. 

Asset Tracking: 

The most essential and basic feature is tracking. It provides you exact details on real-time information as well as also gives you scheduling which maintains you in many aspects. As you are using asset tracking your asset can never go out of your Rader. You will never purchase anything unnecessarily and always have a record of buying location, day. 

You can also make checks and balances of the spa maintained. As you can easily analyze more maintenance then require so you can discard or sell which doesn’t need anymore. 


Attendance is need for any business as same with spa. You have to check their check-in and checkout time, this can easily be done with the help of tanning software. through this you can easily check someone present, absent, timing by only pressing a single click of search. You don’t need to make this on any kind of notebook manually and then be afraid of misplacing. 

On the other hand, it also tells you who is currently working in a spa. Management is quite tough but this kind of platform offers you enough space so you can manage many things perfectly at the same time. 

Mobile-Friendly Platform: 

This is the era of smartphones. Every other person is having it and using it. That’s why whenever you are choosing software, keep in mind that choose one which can easily work on a mobile phone. As mobile features offer you like its handy, easy to use and you can get login from anywhere easily. 

This allows you to keep every kind of information inside of it. You don’t have to write everything at an individual place as you can keep records easily in it. Chances are you might forget each and everything but if this is on a mobile phone than you don’t need to worry about it. 


If you are making your spa business up for the software never go limited. Make sure to choose one of those techniques which can merge in every kind of technology easily. Never go for the limited gadget as it can give you much less. It has enough capacity of scanning from any device easily. 


These are basic features that a spa business must-have. Always go for which can be easily handled never go out of complexity. People never waste their time on that application which has some hurdle to use. The software offers you the best thing at the same time as it offers you to consume time and energy in less amount. 

Technology is playing a major role in managing the spa business. You should own those things which can be tackled everything so much differently. Like always choose which offers you validity and reliability to have the best kind of business terms. You can never compromise when you are dealing with any business. A single mistake leads your business towards worst and loss. 

You can easily find the best software on the internet. By reading reviews you can easily check which software will suit you according to the features which you need. Make sure to choose smartly as your business will rely on that software for daily base tasks and operations. Search wellyx for having the best kind of software for your business as it can deal with many aspects easily. And this has all those features which you demand being a business holder.

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