14 Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Glasgow, Scotland

The city of Glasgow is best known for its Victorian and art nouveau architecture which is considered as a great legacy of the city’s 18th-20th century riches [with all thanks to trade and shipbuilding]. 

But beyond that and its countless breathtaking views, this city is indeed a place with fun and interesting facts too. 

And as you read and go through the following pages, you might encounter some facts that you’re already aware of but one thing’s for sure, some of the facts written below might still surprise you. 

So, with that, regardless if you’ve already been to Glasgow or still planning on visiting the extravagant city, feel free to give this article some time and find out what you might not know about Glasgow, Scotland. 

Interesting Facts About Glasgow, Scotland


  1. Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city with 600,000 inhabitants.  
  2. Also, it’s the fourth-largest city in terms of population in the United Kingdom next to London, Birmingham, and Leeds. 
  3. The city’s name, ‘Glasgow’, is obtained from a Gaelic terminology meaning ‘green valley’ or ‘dear green place’.
  4. If you love attending gigs and concerts, then you might want to pay a quick visit to Glasgow.  Because if you don’t mind knowing, this city was considered as a prime place for concerts in the United Kingdom outside of London.  In fact, Glasgow has its eight sites in the Top 100 list of spots to watch gigs!
  5. If you’ve been dreaming to see the world-renowned statue in the Big Apple, worry no more because you can check out the miniature version of New York’s Statue of Liberty in the Glasgow City Chambers.
  6. Another interesting thing about the Glasgow City Chambers is that it served as a base of the Glasgow City Council since 1996. 
  7. The University of Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum consists of an extensive collection of art and scientific artifacts and is home to the world’s first-ever ultrasound machine. 
  8. Talking about the University of Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum, it was built back in 1807 and is recognized as the oldest public museum in Scotland.
  9. Do you know that the tallest cinema in the world is located in Glasgow? This cinema is the Cineworld Glasgow with a mind-blowing height of 62 meters. 
  10. Glasgow’s underground subway system is mostly referred to as the ‘Clockwork Orange’ due to its color. The underground railway system follows the record of London’s Tube and the Budapest’s Metro.
  11. In 1872, the first-ever international football tournament, which was between Scotland and England, was held in Glasgow at the West of Scotland Cricket territory. The game ended in a 0-0 draw.
  12. The Glasgow Tower is the only building in the world that can rotate 360 degrees into the current wind. Aside from that, the said tower also holds the Guinness World Record for the highest fully rotating free-standing building on Earth. However, the Glasgow Tower has been surrounded by problems since it was constructed in 2001. 
  13. In a more serious context, the magnificent city of Glasgow is recognized as one of Europe’s top 20 financial capitals. In fact, Glasgow is also known as a nest of origin of Scotland’s outstanding businesses. And since 13 is believed to be an unlucky number, we’re moving to the 14th interesting fact about Glasgow.
  14. So, the last fact on the list is that Glasgow is home to the longest continuous bar in the United Kingdom, The Horse Shoe BarIt was in 1884 when the bar was established by Cavalry Captain John Scouller. The Horse Shoe Bar offers various selections of food and beer and is measuring 104 feet 4 inches in length.

Now that you’ve had a short glimpse of some of the best facts about the city of Glasgow, you better check out where you can stay in the city as you decide to give it a short visit.

Where to stay in Glasgow, Scotland?

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So, what do you think of these Glasgow facts, huh? If you think that we missed out something more fascinating about Glasgow, you better notify us by commenting down below or simply let us know your thoughts concerning the discussed topic – because we always want to hear from our readers too.

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