Is BEMER Therapy Safe?

No known treatment works in all cases. However, any approved medical therapy should demonstrate a certain degree of safety. Simply said, safety is always of prime importance.

There is a saying that “medicine should not do more harm than the disease itself.” Thus, if any remedy is unsafe, such medicine has no role in managing health conditions.

Therefore, the first question one should be asking before using any therapy is “how safe is it?”

BEMER Therapy is Among The Safest Therapies

The good news is that BEMER therapy is a highly safe therapy, with no known side effects to date. In addition, there are no acute side effects of the therapy ever reported.

Although there are some concerns regarding side effects of prolonged use, there are no reported specific side effects again.

Needless to say, some individuals may experience difficult-to-explain effects like minor headaches or changes in mood. However, such side effects are more likely due to the nocebo effect.

Nocebo effect generally occurs when someone has read too much about something, generally negative, and then starts worrying about it, thus experiencing some side effects.

Reasons Why BEMER Doesn’t Cause Any Side Effects

First and foremost, BEMER devices are US FDA approved. US FDA has paid particular attention to the safety data based on prolonged and extensive clinical studies.

Another reason to believe that there are no acute or chronic side effects of the therapy is that it has been in use for a long. BEMER therapy and other electromagnetic therapies now have a long history of use. These therapies have been around for more than half a century.

However, evidence not only comes from the use of BEMER, as other related therapies like PEMF are also highly safe with almost no reported side effects. Therefore, it is vital to understand that BEMER is a kind of PEMF therapy, but with a difference.

Some of the evidence also comes from the understanding of physics. For example, although it is an electromagnetic field-based therapy, the energy level used in the treatment is very low. It is barely a bit higher than the energy level of the earth’s electromagnetic field.

It is vital to understand that the electromagnetic field is not bad. It is even essential for human health and long-term survival. It is only very high electromagnetic radiation that could be dangerous. When it comes to low-grade electromagnetic energy, it is released from almost every electrical device in the home.

However, BEMER works not due to the strength of electromagnetic energy rather due to the shape and pattern of the electromagnetic waves, which primarily focus on small blood vessels, and some cellular structures.

However, the final effect is only mild, and it only occurs on prolonged and regular use. That is why one needs to use BEMER therapy for at least 20 minutes a day and continue for some weeks to experience its various health benefits.

But, there is more regarding its safety. If the device is US FDA approved, there is continuous monitoring of the device by the manufacturer and regulatory agencies for possible side effects on prolonged use. However, US FDA has not found any harm in its prolonged use and has not given any warnings in decades.

Final Thoughts

Above all, it is worth understanding that the sale of the device is without a medical prescription. US FDA only approves something without prescription when it is sure that even unmonitored therapy use would not cause any severe or unexpected side effects.

To conclude, BEMER therapy is one of the safest therapies, with no known acute or chronic side effects. It is fit for regular and prolonged use to boost microcirculation and energy levels.

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