What Should You Know If You are Involved in an Uber, Lyft, or Ridesharing Platform Accident?

In San Diego, there is no expansive network of metros, which makes it difficult for people to commute in the city. While there is a light rail system in the city, it does not connect all the parts of the city, and last-mile connectivity is poor in some areas. This is why ride-sharing platforms are the preferred choice for many people to travel. 

After a brief relief from traffic because of the pandemic, the traffic is back to normal in San Diego. The traffic in San Diego reduced to 44% of the normal traffic during the lockdown as per SANDAG. But, if you want to get around the city, ride-sharing platforms are a convenient choice as you do not have to drive in the traffic or bustling highways; you can just sit back and enjoy. 

It is convenient for you to get around the city in an Uber or Lyft is very easy to find as there are more than twelve thousand uber drivers in the city. 

But, these vehicles are often involved in accidents, and in such cases, the companies often waive their liability and do not take strict actions. 

For instance, there have been many cases lodged against Uber and Lyft and their drivers in San Diego involving robbery, DUI, sexual battery, gender violence, and groping in the past years. 

However, if you have been involved in an accident with an Uber or Lyft, they will try their best to deny any liability no matter what. If you are a passenger of Uber or Lyft during the accident or if an Uber hit your car, you must immediately contact an uber, Lyft and rideshare lawyer San Diego

An attorney will help you through the process and prevent these companies from dodging their liability. 

Ridesharing Platform Accidents – What to Do?

Here are some things that you must know about Uber, Lyft, and rideshare accidents. 

  1. Your rights remain intact. 

No matter what kind of a car has hit you, whether it’s an Uber, Lyft, or any other ridesharing company, your right remains intact.

Firstly, you must ensure your safety and all the passengers in the car before taking any action. After that, you must contact an attorney as they will walk you through your rights and all the legal options available to you as per your specific case. 

You can not only seek a claim for the damages caused to you but also for the trauma that the tragic event caused to you and your family. 

  1. What to do if you are the passenger?

If you are the passenger of a ride-sharing vehicle and get involved in an accident, the first thing you must do is inform the local authorities and call for an ambulance if you or someone else is hurt. 

If you are well, you must try to document the scene as much as possible. It is better to take photos or videos of the aftermath, and it would help the case if you tried to document each aspect. 

If the company reaches out to you with a settlement offer, you must not accept it before discussing it with an attorney, as they will lowball the offer in the initial stages. 

  1. Types of compensation you are entitled to 

In most cases, there are two types of losses, one that can be numerically measured and the one that can not be quantified to an exact number. 

For instance, you can calculate the cost of damage to your vehicle, but you can not pinpoint the exact value of the mental trauma suffered. 

However, you are entitled to both types of claims. 

Some of the economic claims include; 

  • Loss of earning
  • Damage to vehicle and other property
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of wages or business opportunities

           Non-economic claims include;

  • Mental trauma
  • Disability
  • Loss of quality of life

The extent of damages and claims varies as per your specific case. An attorney will assist in determining the actual cost of damages. 

So, these are some reasons why you should hire a uber, lyft, and rideshare lawyer in San Diego if you are ever involved in a car accident with any of their vehicles. Moreover, if you are the passenger involved in an accident, you must hire your attorney to help you get the best claim. 

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