What a UX / UI designer does?

The work of such a designer is divided into logical and creative components. UI (user interface – user interface or a set of tools for interaction between the user and the computer system) – the creation of design layouts. Imagine that you are working on creating an online store page. And at this stage, you determine how the shopping cart window will function, so that it is convenient for the buyer to use it. UX (user experience design) is the development of sitemaps. At the UX stage, you will think about what this custom shopping cart looks like, for example, what its icon will be. Today specialists in ui ux development are more in demand in the market. But in order to become a universal expert, it is better to understand both UX and UI.

UX/UI designer job role and responsibilities

To become a UX / UI designer, it’s not enough to be just a creative person with a good aesthetic sense. It is often difficult for such people to follow clear rules and follow terms of reference. It is much more important if you have developed logic, spatial thinking and imagination. In this profession, you will have to be patient so as not to break down with customers. Be ready for endless edits. Indeed, on many projects, the designer and the customer see the result differently. Therefore, one cannot do without stress resistance and the ability to persuade. The customer will expect you to understand the customer’s psychology and brand philosophy. And also the ability to make the site not only beautiful, but also user-friendly and effective for business.

It is important to strive for continuous development in the profession. For this, knowledge of the English language will be useful to you. After all, all updates to programs and tutorials come out on it.

Pros and cons of profession

Today, a UX / UI designer has the opportunity to choose: be a freelancer and work for himself, or get a job in an IT company and receive a stable income even in the June position. This freedom of choice and the ability to express themselves creatively attracts many.

But like specialists in other professions, UX / UI designers face many difficulties. Strict deadlines, incompetent clients, and heavy workloads often lead to professional burnout.

Main tasks 

We’ve already found out that the specialization of UX and UI designers is markedly different. They are engaged in the creation of one product, but their responsibilities vary greatly.

The UX designer pays much more attention to how the user will feel when interacting with the product. He becomes much more familiar with the structure of the application, realizes how it works, and improves it based on the experience of other people. The UI designer in ux patterns library looks at the product from a more creative perspective and tries to make the thoughtful interface look beautiful.

Next, let’s talk in detail about the five key stages of project development and which of the designers is directly involved in them. Against their background, the difference between UX and UI design is even better visible.

Study of user behavior

The UX design process begins with researching potential users. The product is created for a specific target audience, so a UX designer begins his work with an analysis

A UX designer is obliged to find out what tasks clients assign to a resource and how they use the offered products. This creates an approximate plan of the interface and visual solutions related specifically to user actions.

You need to study how site visitors or application users operate. What links do they open, how are they used to finding the right materials, how quickly they find this or that information, and what behavior is expected from a program or web resource.

This builds a basic abstract product structure based on customer preferences and habits.

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