Karachi Literature Festival Hits The City This March

Being a Karachiite, one comes across several festivals hitting the city of lights throughout the week. But there are some festivals that make an exception and stand out from the rest. Karachi Literature Festival being old and one of the most famous events always hits the city of lights with an uproar. Started over a decade ago, KLF has won people’s hearts in a short span time. Starting from 50,000 attendees in its first season, Karachi Literature Festival was able to gather 200,000 spectators by 2016. Amidst the various literary festivals that occur in Karachi, KLF stands out the most because not only it covers the elements of literature and arts but it also helps the writers and authors to portray their work through this platform.

Karachi Literature Festival 2019

karachi literature festival 2019

The 10th Karachi Literature Festival invites national as well as international speakers to come and attend the festival and display their work through the various seminars that happen during the event. Writers from all around the world are invited and encouraged to attend the Karachi International Literature Festival where literary activities take place with immense enthusiasm. Apart from the international speakers attending this event, the national artists from all the four provinces prominently take part.

All sorts of writers and author gather and conduct sessions that let the people have a deeper understanding of their work. Apart from the different authors and writers, famous poets also attend the famous Karachi Literature Festival and conduct mushairas which are appreciated by their fans. Significant personalities and celebrities like Anwar Maqsood, Zehra Nigah, and Mustansar Hussain Tarar are often seen at the 3-day event and their presence never goes unnoticed by the media.

The KLF programs include literary seminars, display of fine arts exhibition and a couple of performances by talented classical dancers. These programs help the audience in improving their perspective on literary education and enlighten them on the concept of literature and fine arts.

Apart from literary sessions, panel discussions, and various interviews, the interesting book launches capture the audience’s attention. These book launches are carried out by the famous authors who display their newest collection of books that have yet not been launched in the market. Moreover, these book stalls encourage you to buy the different books of any genre at affordable prices.

Karachi Literature Festival 2019 Schedule

Karachi Literature Festival is usually held at the Beach Luxury Hotel every year. This time the schedule of the Karachi Literature Festival is as follows;

1st March:- 3 pm to 10 pm

2nd March:- 11 am to 10 pm

3rd March:- 11 am to 10 pm

The on-campus volunteers are always there to help speakers as well as the attendees in order to make the festival more memorable and special. The peaceful environment and the secure premises make the visitors want to attend again and again.

Needless to say that KLF 2019 is expected to pull off with great success and talented artists who mark their presence by portraying their amazing work. Being the most prominent Karachi book festival, people are looking forward to this event with great interest.

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