How Web Design Trends Have Changed in 2019?

The world has evolved from the era of telephones to touchscreen mobiles, everything is moving at a faster pace be it our lives or the technology. Businesses today are totally different from what we had yesterday, dealings are made online and websites play a major role in developing the business.

Everyone relies on the Internet for everything, consumers look for websites of a company rather than its physical presence. With the enhanced emphasis on websites, it has become crucial for web designers to develop new ideas and make websites standout.

So, listing here are some major web design trends of 2019.


Chatbots have become part of web designs for the last few years, but in 2019 the expansion in them can hugely be witnessed. Almost every website is now embedded with chatbots to make user experience helpful and fulfilling. The advancement in AI has made the idea of chatbot a possibility for every web designer.

Also, there will be customizations in terms of color, shapes and speedy replies, enabling users to get their queries resolved easily.

Video content

Seeing things have more effect on human minds than reading. Video content involves clips telling everything about the website to its viewers. Videos can cater to a larger crowd, especially those who lack time for reading long website contents.

Websites with video content are more alluring to viewers and are believed to be technically forward than those with only readable content.

Less Is More

Instead of equipping websites with a huge amount of icons and links, websites in 2019 encompasses minimum elements. Lesser infusion of icons, content, and links makes it easier for visitors to scroll through and find exactly what they are looking for.

It also makes the website look more sophisticated and freer from unwanted and distracting elements. Minimalism is the prominent digital landscape of 2019.

Mobile Friendly Websites

The world today spends more time on mobile phones rather than any other device. Everything is easily accessible through mobile phones, with this grown popularity, the websites in 2019 are made to be operated in mobiles as well.

Web designers make these websites thumb friendly in navigation that ensures their smooth functioning on mobile phones. It is a crucial task to build space for thumb movement, which is ensured by all web designers.

Natural Shapes, Organic Designs

The use of natural fluid shapes has made its mark in 2019’s web design trends. Straight lines, triangles, square were the preferred choices to reflect stability and strong build, but now the designs are more inclined towards usage of organic shapes depicting comfortable arts.

Think of curves, splashes of water, bubbles all these designs are considered organic and more human-like. These designs are spontaneous and less rigid in nature, thus gaining more popularity among web designers.

Monochromatic or Black and White Hues

Colour is a significant part of every website, it makes the major part of website designing and guides the visitors throughout the website. Instead of using multiple colors, monochromes or black and white palettes are more impactful web designs. In 2019, these monochromes are used widely for impressive statements, unique website designing and defining the brand.

They have easily replaced color and are widely accepted as solid factors by web designers. A website in monochromes totally stands out and make it easier for visitors to remember it.

Overlapping Occurrences

Overlapping elements are widely used in 2019 by web designers. This totally brings out a unique landscape of the website and provides a visual treat to viewers. Overlapping involves less scattering of icons and placing them over each other. It should be done with utmost care as any error in it can cause huge disturbance for users, also the design needs to be stable when opened in mobile phones.

Glitch Art

Glitch refers to errors or faults. Glitch art involves using digital errors for beautifying the appearance of the website. This is done by disturbing images using digital tools that result in an aesthetic view of corrupted data.

It has become a famous art form in 2019 and is more capturing than other forms. The appearance of this art is strikingly beautiful and gives the website a distinct image. Using glitch art can instantly grab attention to the desired spot on the website.

Experimenting With Typography

Instead of usual letters and words, 2019 is experimenting with boundaries of typography. Words are now presented in a distinct manner, omitting letters, cutting of words with pictures, using photos in letters and everything that makes the content unique. Web designers are evolving with the ideas to build a unique design.

Web designs have been evolving continuously and all these changes are widely accepted as well. Keeping up with the trends of web designs can give the business an edge over others with unique features and smooth functioning.

Along with imbibing unique elements to the website, these trends facilitate the better user experience for its visitors. 2019 has involved web designers to take bigger steps towards meeting the requirements of the website and bring the modifications to this decade.

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