What is Local SEO? Benefits of Local SEO for Small Business

Local SEO is the refined version of search engine optimization. Location-based search engine optimization focus on listing businesses in SERPs relevant to the users’ local search queries for a nearby business. Local SEO for small business is the first step to gain loyal and local customers.

To put it in simple words, local SEO show business in the result by locating and displaying the business near the searcher location. Google use geo qualifiers, such as city, zip code, state to display the most relevant listing on the search accordingly to searcher search query.

So, you now got the idea about local SEO!


Why local SEO is important for business?

Well, if you sell products to local customers, cater services to local clients, and own a salon shop or have an office where you meet clients then you definitely need to focus on local SEO for your business.

Let me give you some basic pointers to head start on SEO location-based searches for your business.

  • Create Google My Business account
  • List your business on Yelp
  • Upgrade Website For local SEO
  • List down keywords for location-based searches

Create Google My Business Account

Start with enlisting your business on Google My Business (GMB) page. It is important to enhance your business exposure. Claim your GMB now. Google My Business page lift up your business by increasing the chances to appear on Local search, Google maps, and Google+.

(Since, Google+ will go out of service soon, let’s wait for the better alternative as promised by Google.)

With that said, claim or create Google My Business account. Make sure to add all the necessary information about your business. Like right and complete business address, contact number(s), fax number, email address, business website etc. Choose the most relevant business category. Make it easy for your potential customer to reach you.

Don’t forget to verify your GMB.

Tip: Use Google Posts to highlight your business services or share latest deals or discounts. You can use the “Call Now” button with your post.

Upgrade Website for Local SEO

Your business website should be optimized for local SEO. Add a contact page on your website. Make sure to include your phone number, business email, address and other contact details which you think your website visitor can use to contact you.

Enhance internal linking structure by designing user-friendly navigation. Create separate location pages if you provide services in different locations. Add proper Meta details for location pages and surge up the chance of appearing on the top position of locational search terms.

More importantly, add Google Maps on your website. Add relevant location-based SEO optimized content. It’s important to hone your focus in creating your niche content by adding local events. Like if you joined any business related gathering in your local area, celebrated any local event etc.

Don’t forget about the mobile-friendliness of your website.

Local searchers search for business phone number or address and 50% of the searchers use mobile to perform a local search!

Optimize your website for mobile and make sure all the HTML elements of your website are viewable and clickable on the mobile.

Keywords for location-based searches

Keywords are important to rank on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Since, you are aiming for local search, list down your keywords accordingly. Location-based keywords usually have “near me” or “region name” with your generic keyword. Let me explain you with the quick examples.

  • SEO experts agency near me
  • professional SEO experts in California
  • SEO specialists Beverly Hills

Local-based keywords are the key to increasing your chances to be found locally on search results.

So, I’ve covered the basics and have covered the “what is Local SEO” for you all. Let’s jump right into the benefits of local SEO for small business.

Benefits of Local SEO for Small Business

Increase Online Visibility

Listing your business on local citation sites, industry relevant sites, you are exclusively increasing your website online visibility to be perceived by local users. Yelp also plays an important part in connecting your potential local customers. There are numerous local directories and industry-based sites available online where you can list your business data, which allow your imminent clients to discover you as long as your business is recorded on those relevant sites.

Loyal Customers

One of the top measurable benefits of local SEO for business is that you connect with potential prospects and many searchers prefer local service provider, so you are more likely to have repeat clients. Your circle of returning clients will increase as well as it brings in new customers to your business.

Boost Website Traffic – More Sales

Comparatively to global services providers, local business has an advantage over them by earning boost of traffic to their website. Local search optimization is one of the best ways to increase website traffic and create brand awareness. Updating your social media accordingly to your local business need and uplift your business traffic from these platforms.

Parting Words

Local SEO benefits for small business are too many to count. It also helps to generate revenue and sales. Since Google loves local SEO, it should be enough to invest in Local services. Optimize your website for local SEO, do keyword research for local keywords, add long tail keywords, create or claim your business on Yelp and Google My Business page.

The mentioned basics and benefits are good to give you head start for your business for local search.

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