What are the Five Characteristics of an Effective Leader?

If you are having a business then you might have the idea of the importance of good leadership skills. A leader is the only person on whose shoulders the company’s responsibilities depend. If you observe closely people with good leadership potential only are able to improve their business and even the person who start working on becoming an effective leader take their business to new heights of success. To do so is very easy as their are a few general principles which separates the normal leader and an effective successful leader. If you get the knowledge of the same and start working on it then you will be able to achieve success in your business.

Five Characteristics of an Effective Leader

To become an effective leader one must try to follow the general principles and get these five characteristics of an effective leader and sooner or later this practice will pay off as a plus point.


An effective leader should be honest to his workers and co-workers. He should be open to them and should not try to hide his weakness over a subject by forcibly pushing his positive side towards them. Acceptance and honesty are the important pillars of becoming an effective leader.

Inspiring others:

An effective leader must be inspiring. He should always motivate his team workers and co-workers to perform better and at times should give them the idea of the benefits of the work they are involved into. Regular inspiration makes the workers perform better for the goals dream.


If you are not good at communicating then you might find yourself stuck in big problem. When you own a business you also own a staff and thus you need to be able to communicate to the workers and co-workers so that the idea sharing capability is maintained throughout.


A leader must know how to react on the failure and success of any project. He knows how to take the accountability of his own actions and do not blame on others for his failures. He always keeps himself cool because he knows the loss incurred is not only limited to him but the whole company.

Decision making capability:

If you are not able to take decisions on time then you can never achieve success. At time decisions are to be made on time and if these decisions are not quick loss might be incurred.

If you are able to focus on all these issues then you will certainly be able to show yourself as an effective leader. If you are always present for your workers and co-workers then you will be able to give them the support and moral they need. Giving them support is always helpful as at times when the company is facing down then keeping up the positive confidence only motivates the people to keep on working for the better results.

So if you are into business and want to be a great leader like Bobby Genovese and others then do try the above general principles and give your business new heights of success. Bobby Genovese Barbados is a founder and also a chairman for BG Capital Group Ltd investment Arm.

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