How To Make Her Fall In Love With You?

We all know that special someone who pops up in our head every time someone mentions “Love”. Someone who we love with all our heart and would literally do anything to get them. But not many of us are lucky enough to win the love of the person we have fallen for. If these two lines make you miss someone then maybe you too are the victim of unrequited love. But what if I tell you that it is possible to get anyone madly in love with you? So if you really like someone and think that it is impossible to make them love back, read along. I’ll be talking about some psychological tips and tricks to make her fall in love with you or how to get a girlfriend.

Beware, you shouldn’t use it on anyone to just get laid cause we all know Karma is a bitch. And this is a well-known saying that, “As you sow so shall you reap.” If you are tricking someone falsely it will come to you. Better man up yourself and only make the girl you REALLY LOVE fall in love with you with these easy and simple psychological tips.

How to make her fall in love?


“How to make her fall in love with me” is one of the most searched questions on Google. Well, I will try to calm your curiosity with this article and help you out in becoming a better version of yourself for her. But the very first thing is that who you love should exist, knows you, if not a direct friend then she must be your acquaintance of any sort.

Now, the next thing is how well you both know each other. If this is only a hopeless crush then try to befriend her either through some of your mutual friend or by sending her a friend request. The trick is to get closer to her in any way possible, befriend her, and then begin with these tricks.

Listen to her

“Every good conversation starts with a good listener”

The first thing that you should do to make her fall in love with you is to be all ear for her. Listen to her attentively. Girls have this personality where they switch their moods in every 2 minutes. So, listen to her when she is whining, complaining, being silly. And then also listen to her when she is teaching you life lessons, or discussing the gravity, or what’s going in space, or her mind. The key is to be a good listener so that she always comes to you whenever anything happens.

Be there

If you have made it up to her friends’ list in a literal way then the next thing you can do to make her fall in love is to be there. You should be her support system. A friend she can call when her car tire has punctured and a friend who she can talk to in the middle of the night when she cant decide what to wear the next day. Sounds stupid? But believe me, it works! Don’t let her friendzone you but be there whenever she needs a true friend to talk. Because if not you then someone else!!

Compliment her

Girls love being complimented. So shower your compliments on her time to time. And it’s not just about the looks, but, her wit, her intelligence, her creativity, the way she talks, take decisions, anything. Just don’t miss the chance of complimenting her. But hey, know your limits and when to say the right thing so that you won’t appear a creep.

Be supportive

Be supportive of her decisions and life choices. But, at the same time, tell her when she is wrong. This is how female’s brain work they want you to support her, yet, also pamper her and advise her when required.

Be a gentleman

Yes, be a gentleman. Open the door for her, pull out her chair, in short, just show the mannerism in your actions. Girls find guys even hotter when they behave like a gentleman. When you treat her with respect and honor her, she is definitely going to add you to her good list.

Look at her

Look at her when she is looking at you. And then look at her when she is not. A little staring every now and then is good but don’t be a creep. And here is a treat for you, when you are with her, keep your phone away. Focus your attention on her and only her. And make sure you’re not staring at other girls in the meanwhile.

Surprise her

Who doesn’t like being surprised – in a good way, obviously? Well, girls love surprises. So, surprise her with even the tiny things every here and there. She will think of you as someone who is considerate and wants to keep her happy. And she will start liking you even more with it.

Leave a message

Chatting with her is a whole different story, I am talking about leaving a cute message when you are not talking to her. Like send her a loving text message telling her how much you appreciate her presence, or how beautiful she was looking at some get-together, or wish her morning or night, or text her “I miss you!” A message sent with the true emotions work wonders. And she is going to appreciate it for sure!

Stop manipulating her

Do not try to govern her life or tell her what she needs to do and she doesn’t. Give her space and let her take her own decisions. Do not, I repeat, never! When you try to manipulate her all the time even when she had those soft feelings for you, she will get tired. So let her live her life her way. Guide her, sure, do not manipulate her.

Make her laugh

It’s I guess pretty old trick, the more you make her laugh the better are the chances that she will fall for you. Be silly, be spontaneous, be funny, make her laugh, make her fall in love. It’s that simple.

Let her be herself

The more comfortable she will feel with you the more she can be herself. Giving a girl the chance to be herself in front of you is worthless. If she can be herself with you, she is definitely going to like you even harder. But how to make that happen? Well, it is simple, don’t judge her and don’t point her out when she is being silly. Let her be silly, let her be blunt, let her be herself. Even you’ll love it!

Be mysterious

You have been the nice guy, now it’s the time to trick her so that she won’t take you for granted. Be mysterious! Tell her things then, don’t tell her things. What do I mean by that? It’s simple, tell her small things about you, your like, dislike, routine, hobbies, etc. But don’t tell her openly how much you love her. Don’t say it until you know she has fallen for you.

Be unpredictable

Predictability is boring. Be unpredictable. Make her curious about your next move. Let her keep guessing. And then surprise her pleasantly. Until the day come, when she tells you how much she loves you. Curiosity will keep you on her mind. And your good behavior in her heart. You have already won this battle!

Be challenging

Don’t be easy. Let her work for you, let her try, let her struggle. This is human nature that we try even harder if we don’t get something easy way. So, let her know you’re there for her, but don’t let her take you for granted. Let her fight for you, let her want you, let her crave you, and then let her have you.

Be addictive

You have to be super addictive for her. Make your personality that way she can’t resist but want you. Compliment her first and then tell her something she is not good at later. Do not hurry in replying her until you guys have opened up about your feelings. But do message her when she is least expecting it. Be good to her when she is nice, and theĀ other way around when she is not. The more she will get addicted to you, the harder she will fall for you.

These tips are pretty much everything you need to do to make her fall in love with you. You have to be smart, sensible, and irresistible. You should know when to make the right move. Don’t go so fast that she thinks of you as a creep. And don’t take things too slow that she gets tired of waiting. Your good time management, mannerism, and intelligence will win her over.

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