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Unsend Messages On Messenger – You Can Now Delete Messages For Everyone On Facebook Messenger

After Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Instagram, it’s Facebook Messenger’s turn to give you the chance to delete your sent message from your and recipient’s end.

Yes, you read it right! Now, you can delete message for everyone on Messenger too. Here is everything you need to know about this Messenger update.

Delete Messages For Everyone On Messenger

The ‘unsend’ feature for Messenger was guaranteed seven months prior when Facebook furtively deleted some private messages sent by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In a previous couple of weeks, screen captures of the new feature surfaced alongside a refreshed see that was discharged a week ago.

Right now, the new feature is accessible just for clients in Colombia, Poland, Bolivia, and Lithuania; it’s required to be taken off to different parts of the world soon.

You can utilize this whole new feature on Messenger to delete a message from your recipient’ inbox inside 10 minutes of sending it. (And we are pretty sure that just like Whatsapp, they will also expand the time limit for Messenger app as well). Right now, after that time restraints, you can, in any case, erase the message from your window, yet it will stay in the recipient’ window.

In any case, even subsequent to erasing a message, Facebook will hold it somewhat longer to check on the off chance that it has been set apart for maltreatment.

Facebook is likewise supposedly dealing with related features, for example, the capacity to set messages or talk logs to lapse after a checked timeframe. While these might, in reality, prove to be useful for keeping up your protection, Facebook should likewise guarantee that the feature doesn’t engage tormenting.

Facebook’s Messenger head, Stan Chudnowsky, said in his meeting with TechCrunch:

“We need to make sure we don’t open up any new venues for bullying. We need to make sure people aren’t sending you bad messages and then removing them because if you report them and the messages aren’t there we can’t do anything”

Be that as it may, the new feature is unique in relation to the one used to erase Zuckerberg’s old messages seven months back. At that point, the messages erased were not confined by a period cutoff of 10 minutes, and a “gravestone”- a note demonstrating that a message was erased – was additionally not deserted. So still remains a grandstand of benefit that the majority can’t appreciate. Read Facebook tips and tricks here.

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