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Modern Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

Gone are the days of homes filled with patterns, busy carpets, and decorative items on every surface. The modern influence of minimalism, as well as various methods of mindful living like Ikigai and Marie Kondo, have ensured that the new age of homeowners (and even renters) live their lives with as little visual clutter as possible. But it’s not easy to hold yourself back from hoarding things; sometimes their only value is for storage companies and moving companies because they have to deal with them!

But if you’re looking to modernize and spruce up your space with some design details that scream ‘2021’, then look no further. We have a master plan that is foolproof, easy to implement, and doesn’t cost half your fortune!

4 Modern Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

Mood Board

Before starting out, take some advice from some of the greatest artists and interior designers and plan out and visualize what you’re hoping to achieve. Design a Pinterest board, take a piece of foam board and stick images on it, whatever you’re most comfortable with, and begin by gathering images, colors, and samples of anything that speaks to you. Having a mood board at the beginning helps you visualize the design inspiration so you can see what works well together before you’ve started buying things. Think of it like this: if you start with a mood board, moving companies won’t have to work half as hard to get you your things!

Colors and Fabrics

One major influence of modernism has been minimalism. This naturally translates to designing spaces that are simple, with little to no visual clutter. In the past, our parents wanted to have as many patterns, styles, and colors as possible, with each room having a different design inspiration and personality! But with modern design, when you’re choosing your colors and fabrics, it’s best to find a color palette that makes you feel calm and happy, and choose 2 to 3 main colors. For example, if you want your home to have a neutral palette throughout the different spaces and rooms, then pick colors that match that feeling. Natural, earthy tones like cream, brown, and off-white, or even shades of green, with at least one accent color. For neutral fabrics, opt for ones without prints, so that they’re adding texture but not clutter.

If you’re looking for something more bright, then consider picking a palette with primary colors and large prints. That way, even if you’re not following a particular theme like neutral tones, you can still mix and match colors that go well with each other!


A truly wonderful concept of modern design is the effort put into transparency. Blending transparency with design is one of the main impacts of modern design. Even storage companies are implementing this by using transparent boxes for the ease of customers.

Mirrors are one of the best examples of this. Considering that much of the population rent their homes, there are more of us renting our houses than those who own them, so finding tips and tricks to make our space appear larger is always welcome. Mirrors do this the best. With different shapes adding different details to a room, they allow natural light to fill up space, as well as make it appear much larger.

Adding an Indoor Plant

This one might seem a little odd, but the modern home is not complete with a bit of plant life sprinkled throughout the home. Adding unique plants is a design trick that doesn’t really feel like a design trick, but speaks volumes about your style.

Whether it’s an indoor plant that is helping balance the air and humidity in your house, or a deck full of flowers and herbs, this is a unique and truly wonderful way of making your home modern.

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