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Explore Some of the Best & Most Popular News Accounts on Instagram

In this digital era, most youngsters rely on Instagram to get their dose of the daily or latest news. The current generation no longer relies on newspapers. Instagram has come a long way from being predominantly an image-sharing platform meant for sharing primarily lifestyle content. Today it is known as a reliable source for hard news. Gen Z and the millennials depend on Instagram, and they have faith in Instagram news. 

During the current times amidst the global pandemic, economic recession, protests, and anguish among the entire global population, a recent report demonstrates that consumers are continuously shifting away from the conventional media sources, and they are gradually shifting towards messaging services and social media to get the latest updates and news. People no longer depend on local newspapers, local TV stations, or the national newscast presented on a popular network. According to Forbes, today the Internet has become a predominant news source especially, for people in the age group of 18 years to 24 years. 

As people have drastically shifted away from the newspapers and all the national newscasts started dropping in terms of ratings, we have witnessed an accelerated swing towards new channels of information. Instagram has won the status of a reliable news source surpassing the popularity of Twitter.

In this era of social and political upheavals, it is pretty intriguing to observe that as per the findings of a Reuters study, just 14 percent of the Americans trusted news shared on social media while 22 percent trusted news collected from search engines. We are currently witnessing the power and versatility of social media as a news source for news-hungry consumers. Social media platforms are enjoying phenomenal popularity as online news sources. 

Here are some of the top news sources on Instagram.

Buzzfeed News World

Buzzfeed News World has over 705k followers. It has become the most trusted news source online thanks to the organization’s extensive experience in providing high-quality content across several platforms online. However, Buzzfeed News world is presented by a key player Kassy Cho that implies that a broad spectrum of global news events is presented with a personal touch. That is something unique among top news players.

The Guardian

With over 1.8m followers, the Guardian is a highly-acclaimed news account where serious content is presented to the consumers in a typical Instagram-friendly manner. Posts, videos, great attention to detail along robust branding make this news account win a competitive edge over others in the Instagram news world. Kudos to their international account based in Australia for instilling a distinctive local touch to world affairs. You can contact a digital marketing company if you wish to buy Instagram comments.

BBC News

BBC News with over 8.3m followers is a trusted news account on Instagram. The public service giant has been successful in presenting an amazing blend of global news events, longer-form videos, offbeat events & stories, and it has a slight bias towards covering Royal Family news. BBC News has been applauded for its impressive leveraging of Instagram Stories. They have been successful in directing traffic to the site. The BBC News World has come up with an impressive IGTV offering as anticipated from a behemoth broadcaster.

Tic-Toc by Bloomberg

Tic-Toc by Bloomberg with over 166k followers has won a lot of acclaim over the years for consistency in the presentation of a blend of global news. Tic-Toc news is a highly successful and popular news account on Instagram.

The Times of London

The Times of London with more than 221k followers, this traditional paper from London is doing pretty well on Instagram. It is heavily image-oriented and gives less emphasis on text. The Times of London is known to use videos and images in the main feed.

Fox News

Fox News boasts approximately 3.2 million followers. Fox News presents top production quality feed. It is a perfect mix of viral and serious stories. They have come up with some striking instances of Instagram Stories.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph has approximately 333k followers and is a UK-based popular daily newspaper. The Telegraph presents a perfect mix of politics, world news, opinion, and entertainment. For a conventional British press entity, The Telegraph’s Instagram account seems to be modern in appearance and smartly presented.

The Washington Post

The Washington News boasts around 1.8m followers. They focus on using pictures in combination with long text descriptions for keeping their consumers updated on crucial news issues. However, more often than not, they use stunning and relevant pictures to present a hot issue and in such cases, the images are presented sans textual content. This process of presentation of news on Instagram is aimed to spark interest in the consumer via stunning pictures. The Washington Post is experienced in putting IGTV’s longer form of content with utmost consistency since March 2019.


It is quite a commendable feat for Instagram especially, at times when the COVID-19 global pandemic is creating havoc and everyone is keen to get daily news updates. The once purely picture-sharing app Instagram is all set to beat Twitter as a news platform as per the findings of research and studies.

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