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The Connection Between Replacement Windows and Saving Cash

At first glance, replacement windows might seem like a high dollar investment. That fact is especially significant if your money is a bit tight. 

However, we would like to dispel the myth about window costs in this article. Because here’s the honest to goodness truth. The outlay of cash you invest in having replacement windows installed will pay you off in terms of savings on your monthly heating and cooling costs. And that, in the long-term scheme of things, will save you cash. 

So, while the initial cost might sound steep, you are setting yourself up for monthly savings on other expenses–and will enjoy a more temperate and beautified house will put some cash back into your pocket over time. 

New Windows or Replacement Windows

To research this blog post, we touched base with Dan Hatcher, a pro in window replacement in Austin TX. Dan shared some surprising ways that an investment in replacement windows.

Primary Advantages of New Windows:

In addition to receiving the savings mentioned above on your heating or cooling bills, you’ll find other benefits. These advantages include the following:

Improved curb appeal

You can add genuine character to your home. You’ll find windows in different styles and colors to boost the visual interest of your residence. And, you’ll feel that impact both on the interior and the exterior!

Easier to clean than old models

New technology makes these new units easier to clean. Less work and wasted time spent on a thankless chore! Come on. You know you hate doing window cleaning!

Noise reduction

The same insulating properties that lock out the cold and heat also mean insulation from intrusive outdoor noises filtering into your home. 

Better home safety and security

New units will feature improved locks and freely closing windows that you don’t need to shimmy closed. Thus, you will have tightly closed units that deter opportunistic burglary attempts.

And, you’ll have increased home safety due to options like laminated glass. That glazing option has a polymer inner layer to secure glass together if it’s shattered.  Therefore, you reduce the risk of injury from shards of glass.

Replacement Windows Will Save You Cash

Because you want to minimize your spend and maximize your family budget, you now want to know…how? And, how much savings are we talking?

The anticipated savings will vary significantly based on the windows of your choosing. However, rest assured that pro window installation will also add to the long-term efficiency of your household budget.  Note, that pro install is essential–this is a complex task and not a DIY deal.

Below, we are discussing several ways that energy-efficient replacement windows will help you save cash over time.

Reduced Energy Bills

Replacing your older models with improved energy-efficiency units with insulated frames can significantly help block the heat or cold from seeping in our out of the house. Alone, that reduces energy loss. And this enables you to reduce the energy your HVAC system pulls when cooling or heating your home.  Therefore, you’ll find a cost savings on your utility bills, month in and month out.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Little to zero maintenance cost on your home upgrade projects implies saves you the money you’d otherwise spend on repairs and maintenance.  After all, supplies like paint and caulking add up over time. For instance, installing fiberglass or vinyl framed windows all but eliminates all of your window maintenance costs. This is because such replacement window materials don’t require any additional painting or scraping.

Home Resale Value

Enhanced home value is another advantage of upgrading your old window units. And, this upgrade is especially crucial if you’re planning to sell your home. You will command a higher price and sell your home even faster.

Reduced Spending on Replacing Household Furnishings

Besides saving cash on your energy bills, you’ll also protect your furniture, flooring, and fabrics from Ultra-violet damage. Those annoying faded spots on your carpet cause you to replace it more frequently to maintain good looks.

And so, select new units that include Low-E coating to help further damage. You will spend less money replacing dull, faded furniture and rugs. 

A Note about EnergyStar

According to the pros at EnergyStar, you could save as much as $465 annually. Naturally, that total savings is widely dependent upon your geogrphical location and the windows you select. As a golden rule of thumb, the more features you add on, the higher the cash saved over the long haul.

Final Thoughts on Replacement Windows and Saving Money

Now are you excited about purchasing new units? Remember to look at the long-term savings instead of the initial spend. Dollars spent on energy-efficient replacement windows will pay off for you with time and patience.

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