7 Best WordPress Giveaway Plugins To Attract More Visitors

Creating a website is easier than making it reach out to the maximum possible members of your audience. Ever since CMS like WordPress arrived on the scene and internet technologies evolved, there has been a flood of websites in every category. Owners have to devise new strategies to engage their existing audience and attract new ones to their interface. One such tactic is to run contests or giveaways on your interface. The attraction of winning prizes or getting a free gift draws people to a website. Moreover, a contest arouses the natural competitive instinct in most of us and encourages us to participate. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins that will help you in running such campaigns. You can use the tools to design your contest and manage them efficiently.

Best WordPress Plugins to increase traffic

1. RafflePress

The first name on this list is that of RafflePress which is available in 4 different paid packages. Each of them enables you to offer multiple prizes to participants. It comes with a drag and drop builder so that easily fashion your layout. Some readymade templates are included so that users can generate a design quickly. The solution comes with social media integration which will help you increase your social following. The service enables subscribers to track their conversion goals and use retargeting to boost them further. It comes with a fraud protection feature which is necessary for ensuring fair competition.

2. Image / Video Contest Generator WordPress Plugin

The Image / Video Contest Generator WordPress Plugin is a premium product that allows you to create two kinds of contests. You have the option of running an image-based competition wherein users are shown a blurred picture and asked to identify it. The tool lets you set the blur and unblur time. The video-based quiz will function only with YouTube integration. A clip is autoplayed when a user opens the question and the player’s response time is used to decide the winner. All the templates for the campaigns are customizable and you can change buttons, background color, and typographic elements.

3. Contests by Rewards Fuel

Contests by Rewards Fuel is another example of the efficient nature of WordPress plugin development. It is an open-source tool that lets you run competitions either from your interface or the service’s hosted contest page. It offers 35 different methods for granting entry to a contest that can be effective in growing your social following. You can ask visitors to follow you on Instagram or give likes on facebook in order to enter a campaign. The tool generates a shortcode based on your answers to some simple questions about the contest. You can use the shortcode to include the element in your post.

4. WP Contest Creator

If you are looking for a powerful tool, then you must try the WP Contest Creator plugin. The product comes with multi-language support so that you can customize the quiz according to your audience’s taste. It has a participant autoresponder which automatically sends the relevant information to new entrants. You can include a custom message in the autoresponder. The service makes it easy for you to run the competition. You only need to provide the dates for starting and expiry and the plugin takes care of everything.

5. Video Contest WordPress Plugin

Do you want to run video-based quizzes on your website? Then you can use the Video Contest WordPress Plugin. This premium tool will let you run multiple competitions at once. Being fully responsive, it enables you to create layouts that are displayed perfectly on all devices. You enjoy complete control over all aspects of your contest. The plugin lets you display or hide names and votes on video clips. Users who are involved in running BuddyPress communities can integrate the plugin with their network and add quizzes.

6. WordPress InviteBox Plugin

People interested in running refer-a-friend promotional campaigns will find the WordPress InviteBox Plugin useful. You can use it to create sweepstakes or goal-based referral contests. It can also be used to initiate instant reward referral campaigns. People will share your URLs with their followers in return for a giveaway. This can drive large volumes of traffic to your website. The product is available for free and enjoys a 4-star rating.

7. ShowDown

ShowDown is a plugin that is built for WooCommerce stores. The tool lets you run popularity battles like the Yay/Nay campaigns with products of your store. This can help in boosting the engagement of your target audience with your outlet. You can run unlimited contests and share the battle results on Twiter and Facebook. An intuitive dashboard makes it easy for users to manage the campaign. This premium product lets you define a separate transition message for the battles.


Giveaways allow you to build a buzz around your brand and draw in more visitors to the website. The tools mentioned here will help you in easily creating and managing contests. You can also hire WordPress customization experts to seamlessly integrate a campaign into your website.

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