Once Upon A Deadpool Cast, Expected Release Date, Fred Savage role, and More

Deadpool on the surface might look like any other Marvel Superhero film. But if you did end up watching it you will know how deep it is. Technically Deadpool isn’t a superhero but he’s more of an Antihero of sorts. Even though it is made by Marvel, the rights are owned by Fox. And Fox makes the movies in the X-Men series, so Deadpool is also an X-Men Series movie. Deadpool’s first standalone film came out in 2016 and was a hit immediately if you saw the trailers you knew it would be. The movie looked amazing and worth watching ever since the first trailer dropped. Then the trailer for sequel started coming out the next year, and that looked amazing as well. And after the release this year it actually was. So it seems anything with Deadpool in is gonna be awesome, we hope the same for Once Upon A Deadpool.

Once Upon A Deadpool Poster

Marvel, or Fox we should say just released the trailer for Once Upon A Deadpool. The movie seems to be a more family-friendly version of Deadpool with a little plot. The people who have watched the Deadpool films, know that these movies aren’t for anyone younger than 17. The movies have crazy amounts of violence, gore, and maturity that includes bad language and inappropriate scenes. Once Upon A Deadpool will be a PG-13 version of the films and the fact it is releasing around 10 days before Christmas. It’s definitely gonna be a good family movie you can go and watch, even the kids and fans of the series are gonna enjoy.

Once Upon A Deadpool Will Be PG-13

Even though they did joke around in the movies about being family-friendly. In the sequel film in the start, Deadpool makes a joke about being family-friendly and how every family-friendly movie starts with a murder, naming Lion King and some other kids movie. No doubt Deadpool has one of the best comedies in recent film history. It will be fun to see how they pull it off in a PG-13 setting, and will they be able to avoid controversies. It will be a PG-13 re-cut of the Deadpool 2 film.

Savage will return with his role from the 1987 classic, The Princess Bride, in the new framing sequence alongside Reynold’s Deadpool. Eight scenes were filmed for the new footage in the upcoming project. Additionally, the movie will raise money for charity. For every ticket sold, $1 will be given to F-ck Cancer.

Once Upon A Deadpool Release Date

Once Upon A Deadpool will be in theatres for a limited time, starting on December 12 till Christmas eve.

Once Upon A Deadpool Cast

  • Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
  • Morena Baccarin as Vanessa
  • Julian Dennison as Russell Collins / Firefist
  • Fred Savage

Once Upon A Deadpool plot and development

A Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds was in development for as long as 2004. Then he ended up playing the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were hired for a spinoff in 2010, and worked with Reynolds to more faithfully adapt the character (including his fourth wall breaking) after the portrayal in Wolverine were criticized for not doing so. T.J Miller was hired in 2011 for his directorial debut, and an enthusiastic response to leaked test footage he created with Reynolds led to a green-light from Fox in 2014.


The movie is based on Man named Wade Wilson, who worked as mercenary. And was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Not wanting his girlfriend to watch him die, he leaves her without telling and gets approached by a mysterious man. He gets injected by a serum that would awaken his mutant genes and gets tortured for a long time. After being almost choked out he awakens his powers. Later he becomes a masked vigilante to take revenge on the people who made him that way. Knowing that his girlfriend will freak out seeing how he looked now, he doesn’t return to her. The villains end up kidnapping her, and then he has to kill everyone in the way to save her.

Once Upon A Deadpool Trailer

If you already haven;t, watch Once Upon A Deadpool trailer here.


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