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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Dates As Proven By Science

A very happy and blessed Ramadan to all the Muslims out there. Since Ramadan is here, and we read that dates are one of the must-to-eat foods during Ramadan, we thought it would be great if we talk about all the amazing health benefits of dates. However, the post is not only to highlight the importance of dates during Ramadan but throughout the year.

Top Ten Health Benefits Of Dates

So, let’s begin listing all the incredible health benefits of dates as supported by science. Dates are not just to treat your taste buds but they have numerous of benefits for our health, hair, and skin that we don’t hear often. So, here we are mentioning all the lesser know facts about how beneficial is eating dates. Read along!

Healthy Digestive System

Dates have plenty of positive impacts on our digestive system. They keep our digestive system healthy by treating constipation. It stimulates the gastrointestinal transition that helps in aiding the problem of constipation. Moreover, they are also good to treat diarrhea as they carry potassium in abundance which is very good to treat diarrhea. Also, dates prevent digestive system cancers.

Healthy Heart

A date a day keeps the heart problems away!! Yes, dates are really good for the health of our hearts. The antioxidants present in dates keep our arteries healthy and prevent clogging. They also remove cholesterol as they carry isoflavones which is famous to reduce the risk of cardiac diseases. Not just this, they maintain the normal blood pressure of the body and keeps your heart fit and healthy.

Healthy Bones

Dates carry copper, magnesium, selenium, boron, and manganese in abundance and all of them are really good for our bones. Dates keep our bones healthy and strong and save us from getting osteoporosis (bone related disease).

Healthy Brain

Dates saves us from oxidative stress as well as inflammation of the brain tissues. Eating dates regularly can lower the risk of neurodegenerative diseases and also enhance better cognitive performances in aged people. Also, dates help in treating Alzheimer and slowing down its progression.

Energy Boosters

Dates are energy boosters and provide a huge amount of energy to our body. Dates contain numerous nutrients and natural sugars that are known to boost our energy levels. So, if you want to keep yourself active throughout the day, make your habit to eat at least one date in the morning.

Healthy Skin

Dates are really good for the skin and are known to improve our skin health and enhance its beauty. They contain Vitamin C and D which is really great for the skin and keeps its elasticity. Moreover, the anti-aging attribute of dates keeps your skin healthy, ageless, wrinkle-free and smooth. Also, dates keep your hormones in balance and thus, prevent our skin from getting pimples and patchy skin. Experiment adding dates in your diet and be ready to say a final goodbye to pimples.

Healthy Hair

Tired of losing hair? Try eating dates. Dates are rich in iron and presence of iron improves the blood circulation inside our body. This also improves blood circulation to our scalp and thus helps us in growing stronger and healthier hair faster. This also prevents hair loss and dryness of hair.

Healthy Pregnancy

Dates are incredibly beneficial for pregnant ladies who are expecting their child. When you are expecting a child, you need to eat food that contains high calories and is high in nutrients. This is where dates come to the rescue. They contain a very fine amount of calories and are also rich in nutrients. Also, the fiber in dates is known to prevent pregnancy hemorrhoids. According to a study, eating dates in the last month of pregnancy also helps hugely during labor and can bring positive outcomes. Moreover, dates also make uterus muscles healthy. So if you are pregnant then make dates a must in your diet.

Sexual Health

Dates are used to increase fertility in males and are really amazing for sexual health. Also, they are rich in amino acids and are proven to increase sexual stamina. So, it is a good idea to eat dates before you plan to have sex with your better half.

Prevent Diseases

Dates prevent as well as treat many diseases like colon cancer, inflammation, anemia, digestion problems, hemorrhoids, and blood pressure problems. They also keep us safe from night blindness. Dates make our muscles strong and also help in reducing body fat.

These are some of the health benefits of dates but they are enough to drive us in consuming more dates than before. Add dates in your diet and see the positive difference for yourself.

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