Bonanza of online examination software

Classroom teaching is implausible due to the current pandemic thudding the global outlook. Traditional methods of ushering exams are impervious and infeasible. Standardized test items do not implement a higher level of thinking skills. It is time-consuming, students are geographically restricted to taking exams, paper pen use which is not environmentally-friendly, and has higher administrative expense and logistics overhead. Students are tech-savvy nowadays. What better way to acknowledge this imperative by conducting an online examination? Everyone has diverged to online education that is accommodating, supportive, and provides a virtual experience. A large number of students have access to online education through the internet. So conducting exams through online examination software will sustain competitive results. 

Online examination software provides immediate evaluation and fast-tracked results. It reduces the workload on teaching faculty by presuming accurate results. Instant results are available without any delay. Online examination services are smartly proctoring and play a significant role in futurity.

Here are the prerequisites of online examination software:

1. Auto-grading system

In this digital age, it’s beneficial to use technologically advanced software with an auto-grading online system that is economical and provides accelerated aftermath. It’s time-saving for teaching faculty and also reduces anxiety and exam pressure among students. Instant feedback is desirable.

2. Economical

The traditional method of conducting exams is expensive as it contains the cost of hiring invigilators, examination hall, printing question papers, purchasing supplementary sheets, and operating logistics. Thus costly for conducting exams. But through online examination software, it is economical as it reduces the stationaries, administrative, and management expenses. No need to purchase any sheets and question papers because everything is digitized. No overhead costs, consequently cost-efficient.

3. Anti-cheating technology

Live and recorded monitoring of examinations. Full accuracy in cheating detection. Human-based proctoring feature in online examination software.

4. User-friendly

It is easily manageable by teaching faculties and students. Accessible to students living in remote areas. They can conveniently attend exams. The online software is easy to understand and feasible. You can comprehensively upload question papers without worrying about the process.

5. No infrastructure required

Online examination software doesn’t require a spacious classroom to conduct exams, no exam room scheduling, and no infrastructure facilities necessary.

6. Strictly confidential

Candidate authentication through email, id proof, OTP. Robust information security, strictly protected, and safeguarding privacy details of the Students and teachers. Examiners can choose to upload different patterns and sets of questions paper. They can choose to give pop-up quizzes, multiple-choice questions. This will help to know the understanding of the concepts by the students. Question paper leakage is not possible, as it’s highly secured. No vindictive activities are viable.

7. Easy assessment summarizing

Teachers can easily report the performance of students and provide proper feedback to students. Effortlessly grade the student’s assessment and issue their results.

8. Technologically advanced system

Online software service conducts virtual semester and tester for the entrance exam with proctoring tools and ensures credibility in results. It provides a positive outcome and helps to reduce the administrative burden. The software service promotes digital learning and time-saving as it auto-grades itself.

9. Environment-friendly

Traditional methods of conducting exams resulted in wastage of paper and other resources. But conducting exams online through software is conservational. Everything takes place with the help of the internet. So no cutting down of trees for more production of papers. Pollution-free as there’s no traveling required.

10. Faster Result

Waiting for results is tiresome, creates anxiety issues, and nervousness in students. It brings down their morale and makes them feel less confident. Online exam software provides quick results and saves time so that students can work on their mistakes and be productive. 

11. Top-notch service

Online service software offers customization according to its client’s needs and a highly scalable cloud-based platform that vests to customer’s expectations. This system is responsive and helpful to customer queries and provides immediate results. It adds value to the new education system.

12. No Geographical restriction

Online service software service doesn’t restrict to conduct the exam in a particular test center. You can give exams from anywhere you want and at any time.

13. Reduces the workload

This system helps to reduce the burden on the teachers. It doesn’t require constant monitoring and supervision by invigilators. Examiners can use creative tools to formulate questionnaires, and software helps to supports complex mathematical and chemical equations.

14. Multiple language support

Online Software helps to examine in different native language hassle-free. No language restriction in online exam software service. Easily accessible by everyone. 

15. Creative platform

It helps you create the most enticing creative online questions in the system and custom styling available. It has the feature of on-screen marketing tools.  

Whenever you think of using online exam software consider the following characteristics:

  • Easy integration and configuration
  • Cost-efficient
  • Multiple language support
  • No geographical restrictions
  • Seamless test creation
  • Time-saving
  • A comprehensive library
  • Supports all exam type
  • Virtual proctoring
  • Proctoring chrome extensions
  • Detailed report and in-depth analysis
  • Technical, operational, and administrative support
  • Customer support and personalized service 
  • Seamless test creation
  • Creates better assessments and total assessments solutions

Conclusion – Bonanza of online examination software

Educational academies and institutions can have all the benefits if they opt for online exam software packages because online tests are considered better than traditional methods in the current situation. Online exam software is a time-saving and cost-efficient approach to learning and advancement in this globalization period. This software can be used by schools, colleges, universities to conduct the examination and test the subject knowledge of the students in the easiest way possible. There are many advantages to online software examination. It’s environment-friendly, highly secured, online invigilation, and is cost-efficient. Lucrative to people living in remote areas as they can relinquish the exams at home on their smartphones, laptops, and computers. In today’s time, it’s recommended to use online exam software as useful for teachers in managing student’s work. This kind of technology never goes outdated. To gain a competitive edge, the use of such technology is beneficial.

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