How To Repair Damaged Hair: Common Causes And Treatments

Invest in your hair; it is the crown that you can never take off. Who doesn’t enjoy a good hair day? Sometimes, a little inspiration is all you need when it comes to your hair. Hair has equal importance for men and women. We take our hair for granted, but we know that the day our hair looks good we feel good. Hair is probably one of the first things we notice about people when we meet them for the first time. This is true for both men and women. We always want to leave a good impression on everyone when we meet them for the first time. Healthy and well-maintained hair is always a key to leaving a mark in a gathering.

What Causes Our Hair To Damage?

The items that we use for shading or loosening up the hair contain synthetics that can weaken the hair and make it bound to break. Indeed, a few shampoos can even make the hair break, or turn bunched up. We should read the instructions to know the acidity, or pH, of a shampoo that may lead to hair breakage. We sometimes use shampoos that are basic or fundamental, which can cause a negative charge on the hair. When we brush our hair excessively, we can cause hair breakage. We shouldn’t brush our hair as much as we might suspect. 

There are other causes of damaged hair too 

  • Blow-dryers 
  • straighteners 
  • Curling tongs
  • Towel drying

We use the hair styling products to look presentable, completely ignoring the after effects of them. Blistering climate and sticky atmospheres can likewise dry the hair out and increment the danger of breakage. We can prevent further hair breakage by reducing heat treatments from. Much of the time using heat on the hair can harm the hair shafts and eliminate the dampness from the hair, which can cause weak hair and hair breakage. Scouring wet hair with a towel can harm the hair, increment frizz, and cause breakage. We should be aware of the facts like wet hair breaks more effectively than dry hair.

How To Protect Our Hair From Getting Damaged?

There are multiple ways by which we can protect our hair from damage. Firstly, we should gently shampoo our hair. Don’t use a lot of pressure and/or force. Always remember to condition your hair once we’ve shampooed. This prevents our hair from getting dry and developing split ends. Ditch the towel and let our hair air dry. But if we want to dry them quickly, use a cotton cloth instead of our towel. Also, we should never brush our hair while it’s wet. Wait for it to dry before we brush it. Using a comb is preferred since it doesn’t pull out as much hair as a brush. Instead of tight ponytails and buns, we should go for loosely tied hair. Avoid using styling products since they also cause a lot of damage. Using a straightener, curling iron and blow-dryer can also cause a lot of damage to our hair. So, all such tools should be avoided. If we really want to use them, we should go for the lowest heat setting, so the damage is minimized.

Importance Of Healthy Hair In Our Life

Hair is the first thing we notice about people when we first meet them. This is especially true for women. Healthy hair is a sign of beauty in many cultures and also seems to tell a lot about a person’s internal health. Healthy hair indicates that a person is receiving a sufficient amount of nutrition. Dry and brittle hair is often an indication of insufficient amounts of vitamins in the body. So, it is important that we keep our hair healthy. Healthy hair also means a healthy scalp. This, in turn, can prevent a lot of problems, such as dandruff and the scalp drying out. Washing your hair regularly, and keeping it healthy helps your scalp stay clean as well.

 Healthy hair and a clean scalp can greatly boost your confidence. Dry, unhealthy hair and dandruff can be a source of worry for a lot of people. It makes them feel ashamed to step outside and lowers their confidence. However, healthy hair does the opposite. It boosts your confidence and gets you a lot of compliments from the people around you.

You can even opt for many DIY hair masks in order to make your hair a lot better and prettier. Healthy hair is a must for us and we should try out different stuff in order to take care of them. 

Treatments For Damaged Hair

Olive is our best friend when it comes to reviving your dead and dull locks. This common household item that is sitting in our kitchen can always be trusted when it comes to powerful hair care remedies. It returns the lost moisture of our hair by hydrating the cuticles and makes our locks slick and shiny. Each application of olive oil, followed by a thorough wash, leaves our hair softer and replenished. It is easy to work with, a gentle massage an hour before hair wash will do. Another added benefit is how economical this magical remedy is for damaged hair. Turmeric is one of the most essential spices. Turmeric supplements prevent us from many chronic diseases like cancer. We should use turmeric in our daily diet.

Wrapping it up

We have managed to cover almost the best ways that can control or protect our hair from getting damaged. Like our physical health, our hair also needs attention and care. We should take a healthy diet that will help them to grow stronger and stay healthy. 

If we have damaged our hair, we can use prescribed hair care products like turmeric curcumin which contains the highest curcumin dosage, which is beneficial for keeping our hair in good shape. 

Make sure to keep your hair health a priority. Try out different stuff and “Flip your hair and rule the world!”

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