These Are The Fashion Trends We’ve Predicted For 2021

It would be an understatement to say that recent times have been quite physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing. For many of us, keeping up with fashion has been a source of comfort and brought some sense of familiarity to our disgruntled routines.

With the new year having entered with a bang, we are here to update you on the fashion trends that our experts are predicting will be dominating 2021.

2021’s Fashion Trends

Oversized Layers

Tap into your inner catwalk model and rock some bold oversized layers this time around. From sweaters that are a size too big to large coats with disproportionately large collars and shoulders, it is all about being daring in your fashion choices this year.

Trench Coats

Speaking of layers, coats are the article of choice for the upcoming year. From fashionably asymmetrical trench coats to intricately decorated folk-inspired coats, you have a world of variety when it comes to choosing what to top your ensemble with. Opt for flowy, lighter coats for the fall and go all out with thicker, fluffier ones for the winter season.

The Color Yellow

Yes, you heard it right. Expect the color yellow to take the fashion world by storm in 2021. Go for some yellow dresses to capture the spirit of the summer or bright yellow accessories to add a bright pop of color to any outfit. Yellow bags are the trendiest accessory currently. You can opt for a fancy, bright clutch or a more practical bag to carry your essentials.

Floral Dresses

Floral dresses have been quite a hit in the passing year and the aesthetic will continue to be just as popular a choice in the coming year as well. There is something timeless about a tiered lace dress embellished with gorgeous floral patterns and blushing hues. You can pair these with other trending articles like denim jackets, statement buckle belts, or knee-high white leather boots to spice things up.

Chunky Belts

Belts are one of the accessories that can bring an entire outfit together. Sometimes all you need is to throw a statement belt into the mix to give your ensemble a centerpoint to anchor upon. Feel free to capitalize on the convenience and gritty appeal of chunky belts this year. Pair it with a loose dress or highlight your waist by wearing it over your coat and pinching the fabric. Its a great way to explore a world of fabrics and apparel while flaunting the natural shape of your body.

Luxury Boots

Let all of your winter fantasies come to fruition and invest in all the high-quality boots that catch your eye because they are totally trending this year. From ankle-length booties to dramatic knee-high footwear, boots are a great way to add some flair and personality to any casual or formal ensemble. Check out some of the options offered by Sergio Rossi if you are looking for some dark, sleek luxury boots.

Bold Shoulders

As we mentioned before, the goal of contemporary fashion is to make sure that you make what you wear your own. Make daring fashion choices and wear it with confidence. One way to satisfy the cravings of your inner bol fashionista in 2021 is to invest in apparel with bold shoulders. Puffy shoulders, mutton sleeves, coats with oversized shoulder pads- you name it. In fact, if you want to capture the essence of high fashion, you can even throw on a tasteful cape for more formal or fancier settings.

Nets and Fringes

If you are someone who enjoys playing around with patterns and shapes, then this trend is the one for you. Look for items- dresses, jackets, layers- made with net-like patterns and interesting materials. They serve little purpose other than that of aesthetic appeal but they certainly make for some new and interesting patterns that are truly eye-catching. Similarly, fringes are going to make a comeback this year, fringed bags in particular. Go for tan bucket bags with lots of frills and fringes to spruce up your outfits.

Face Masks

As much as we would like for it to happen, it will still take some time for social gatherings to become safe affairs. As such, a face mask should always be part of your ensemble until the situation is deemed to be under control. But even if it is an obligation, it does not mean that you cannot have fun with it. There are a lot of vendors that are currently offering fashionable, classy face masks that will pair well with your outfits and keep you safe from transmission at the same time. The trendiest option is to go for a sleek, solid black face mask as it looks quite classy with all colors and styles.

Pastels or Neutrals

In terms of colors, pastels and neutral palettes will be the pick of the litter for the 2021 seasons. The best way to describe them would be ‘sorbet inspired’ colors. The subtle, pastel shades allow you to experiment with monochromatic outfits and add funky colors to typically neutral ensembles like suits and heavy coats. On the other hand, if you are not a big fan of the fruity shades, you can stick with a more neutral palette consisting of khakis, browns, and tans. You can always expect yourself to uphold a classy and clean outlook with a laid back, layered neutral outfit.

A Pop of Neon

To bring a bit of life and unique quality to your pastel and khaki outfits, go for some bold neon accessories and articles. The brighter shades are particularly trending for the spring and summer seasons where you can pair the hues with floral patterns.

Play With Shapes

Carrying on in the vein of being bold and brave with your fashion choices, have fun playing around with novel shapes and styles to create one of a kind silhouettes. Go for flared pants to make a fashionable call back to the olden times or skin-hugging straight pants to elongate your person and give you more height.

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