Role of Marriage Counselors in Overcoming Infidelity

Overcoming Infidelity is crucial in order for marriage to last. In the Indian context, marriage is the purest bond of all. No one can question the sanctity of an Indian marriage. Two individuals are united to become one when they are married, and the bond is believed to last forever. 

Although, we live in a world where words like greed, dishonesty, hatred, selfishness, jealousy, violence, etc., are prevailing, and there is no room for honesty, loyalty, selflessness, or love. Nowadays, people want variety not just in food, drinks, or other material things but also in relationships. 

No one is satisfied with being married to only one person. We all crave something new every day, and in the name of love, we cheat ourselves and our partner. Infidelity can be defined as being unfaithful to one’s sexual partner or spouse. 

What Relationships Require…

Every relationship requires love, support, commitment, time, and effort from both the partners. There will be differences of opinion between the two; after all, you are two different people with different perspectives. Your thoughts on a particular subject will not be the same all the time.

Your opinions and decisions may vary, and that is something you have to accept about your partner that he/she is different from you. The difference in opinion does not give you an excuse to cheat on your spouse, saying that the person you are cheating on is more compatible with your personality than the one you are committed to.

Statistics say that infidelity is the reason for 20- 40% of the divorces these days. We also need to understand that divorce is not the solution to a bad marriage. When a couple decides to get a divorce, it is not only they who are affected, but their kids and family are also undergoing a lot of stress in the process. 

So, now the question is, can a marriage survive infidelity? After all, the foundation of the marriage, i.e., trust, is broken. To answer this question, let us discuss a study conducted on couples who were reviving their marriage after an affair.

The study included about 19 couples who were assessed every six months for five years. Through the research, three possible results were observed- divorce, relationship satisfaction, or marriage stability. 

Some of the couples find it very hard to trust their partner again and develop a sense of hopelessness that there is nothing left to fight for. Those couples get separated or divorced. 

Couples who did not divorce and stayed in the marriage to work things out through couples counseling have found the relationship to be satisfactory after a while, irrespective of whether they struggled with infidelity. 

Counseling for couples has proven to improve the bond between the partners in a marriage. Some have even recovered so much that their relationship was even better than before. 

Infidelity Statistics

Recent statistics show that 40% of the adults who cheated are divorced. and nearly 50% of them who were unfaithful in the relationship are still married. Out of this, 76% of the still-married category have recovered from the infidelity and made improvements to their marriage. 

The study and the statistics also state that husbands survive their marriages more than wives, even after being unfaithful. If you think “what if the first marriage did not work, my second will,” think again because the study also says infidelity is a cycle and is more likely to repeat. 

A failed marriage is a huge stressor, and looking at the statistics, it is even more essential to opt for couples counseling.  

When it comes to relationship counseling, Bangalore offers a few options. Google for the best marriage counseling in Bangalore. Look into what they have to offer and take that first step towards saving your relationship. The intervention and insight provided by the marriage counselors can help the couples see the bigger picture. 

Therapists help in Overcoming Infidelity

Therapists observe and pinpoint the real problem that will help overcoming infidelity, they conduct activities to improve the relationship and build trust between them. Couples therapy has proven very useful in rekindling the love and affection the couple once had for each other.

Infidelity is a hurdle in the journey of marriage. If you wish to continue this journey, at least one partner of the two should have hope to overcome the hurdle. It is not easy to forgive an unfaithful partner, and it is not easy to forget that your partner broke your trust and move on. 

It takes a tremendous amount of strength for the cheated partner to hold on to that hope and give themselves another chance at making the marriage a success. So, do not give up yet, open your heart to forgive your partner and do the impossible, MOVE ON. 

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